The Deadly Doppelganger

Does seeing one’s double mean imminent death?

If doppelgangers signify impending death then these people are screwed.

If doppelgangers signify impending death then these people are screwed.

That’s the question being asked by a doctor of medicine and the question being answered by a dispenser of fantasy at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

First, from the doctor of medicine:

I am a doctor of medicine

She’s definitely a doctor of medicine.

[I]n 2010, I met a psychic from whom I sought advice because I have been seeing a ghost in my sleep, and it feels real.

For the record: I don’t want to get ill and be treated by doctors (of medicine) in the Philippines because some of them think dreams contain ghosts. Real ghosts, and not imaginary ghosts too.

Last year, I was at my lowest point. I came across a spiritual healer who made me understand why I can read people’s minds (not literally, but I seem to know their intentions).

That’s just like me. I can move things with my mind. Not literally, but I seem to be able to control my hand to shift objects at will.

I find people to be magnetically drawn to me. She told me this is because I am an ’empath.’

And by ’empath’ she meant ‘metallic’ or ‘someone who wears a lot of copper’ apparently. She may be a doctor of medicine but I’d expect her to know a little bit about how magnetism works too otherwise she’d be a nightmare around scanning equipment.

Our doctor of medicine also mentions a doppelganger and how “if a person’s double is seen, then he or she is going to die”. She wants to know if it’s true and then goes on to ask about bilocation. So, what answer does she get?

Being a woman of science, you naturally would initially reject such an idea. But extra-sensory perception (ESP) or psychic powers are real, and there are now so many clinically proven studies and experiments on this subject which have been conducted by reputable scientists under scientifically controlled conditions.

This is what’s known in the business (I forget which one) as “a paragraph filled with bullshit.” To start with I doubt our doctor of medicine would reject anything right now including her hospital being run by illuminati yetis and aliens being responsible for JFK’s assassination. And then there’s everything else. ESP isn’t real. Psychic powers aren’t real. Clinically-proven studies haven’t taken place. Experiments by reputable scientists under controlled conditions have only ever shown it’s crap. It doesn’t exist. It’s on a par with dream ghosts on the scale of fantasy rubbish.

Then there was the 20-year-study of Remote Viewing conducted by physicists, doctors Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, at the former Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, proving that we can project our consciousness to a far place we have never been to before, and describe it accurately.

Studies not worth the effort. Unrepeatable studies. Studies shown to be deeply flawed and unsubstantiated. That word “proving”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

And what about bilocation?

The reason bilocation happens is because one’s astral body, which is the spiritual double of one’s physical body, can detach itself and travel elsewhere. When this astral body is seen by another in another place, then we say that he has bilocated.

Bilocation should not be confused with teleportation. […]

There are several documented cases of teleportation in the history of parapsychology, I have myself encountered two cases of teleportation related to me by highly credible witnesses.

Gibberish and hearsay. How do you personally encounter something… that’s only related to you by “credible witnesses” exactly? Can I tell people I’ve encountered genuine vampires twice in my life? I encountered them when some drunk people slurred something about Dracula in my face. That counts, right?

The concept of having a double is of very ancient origin. In ancient Egyptian mythology, for example, there is a belief that every person possesses a double called the “Ka,” which separates from the physical body at the time of death.

This is probably what gave rise to the modern fear that seeing one’s double signifies imminent death. This is not true at all.

Some actual history and a statement that doppelgangers do not – you’ll be pleased to hear – signify impending doom. “This is not true at all.” Great, honest words to end on.

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  1. I have seen my living grandson in spirit form or it was a doppleganger. My daughter saw him on a different occasion as the same thing. I and my other daughter saw the same black man attached to a large wardrobe cabinet.

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