The Cat And The Dog

Cat: It’s very simple. He’s a threat to us. You’ve seen the attention he gets. You’ve seen how much they spend on things for him.

Dog: I don’t know. I really don’t know about this.

Cat: They bought him a vehicle of his own. Have you got a vehicle? Because I haven’t.

Dog: No. No, I guess you’re right.

Cat: I am right. Are you in?

Dog: I guess so.

Cat: I’m going to need more than that.

Dog: Yes, damn it! Yes! I’m in.

Cat: If you’re not happy I’ll find someone else.

Dog: I’ve said I’m in. Let’s just do this, okay?

Cat: Okay then. Tomorrow. I’ll disable the cameras as I’ve got best access to the house. Then I’ll come down here. Once he’s isolated on the other side of the parents’ vehicle you come around from the back and take him. There’s a storm drain down the road. He shouldn’t prove any trouble. Besides, you’ve got teeth. Use them.

Dog: And what will you be doing?

Cat: I’ll close off his escape in case he tries to get back to the house. Then I’ll help you carry the body once you’ve got hold.

Dog: Okay.

Cat: Cheer up. This time tomorrow it will just be the two of us. The street will be ours.

Dog: You betrayed me.

Cat: I wouldn’t say that.

Dog: What then?

Cat: You were useful to me. I happened to have other goals than those I shared with you. I’d like to thank you.

Dog: They say you’re a hero.

Cat: The world’s your oyster when you’re a hero.

Dog: I thought we were friends.

Cat: We were never friends. Consider me your mentor and this as being one of those lessons. This, right here, is a cat eat dog world.

Author: Mark

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