The Blood Countess

Elizabeth Báthory lived in the late 16th and early 17th century in Hungary and she wasn’t a nice person. Hence the nickname of The Blood Countess.


She was accused of some quite horrific crimes but the Rejected Princesses website doubts whether she was guilty of them at all, instead preferring that she was a dominant woman in a period of history when she needed to be.

So no, she was not warm and cuddly. I absolutely believe she made life shitty for misbehaving servants (or, more likely, had her head servants do it for her). Some undoubtedly died from it – I mean, she had thousands of servants in an age before penicillin. In fact, one scholar claims that the more outlandish tortures (stinging nettles, metal rods, amateur acupuncture) were contemporary folk remedies. Tough lady? Yes. Cartoon supervillain? Hell no.

Make your own mind up by reading the full article here. Amongst other things you’ll find a long list of the Blood Countess’s alleged crimes, including the force-feeding of hot cakes, strangling with silk scarves, and lacerating servants’ genitals with her teeth. Ouch.

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