That Phunny Pharmacy

Boys and girls, are you in for an hilarious treat!?! Yes! It’s another fabulous, hilarious, brand new comic strip featuring everyone’s favourite – and hilarious – characters: Senor Pig-Head and The Boy Tentacle! Hilarious!

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You Lying Fuck

Author: Mark

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  1. is this available as a saturday morning cartoon for kids?

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  2. That’s ANOTHER keyboard with tea all over it, thanks very much.

    Also–you are a sick, sick puppy. No wonder I always read here!!

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  3. I can see ‘you lying fuck’ becoming a household catchphrase on a par with ‘yeah – but – no -but’.

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  4. At the time of posting everyone’s favourite engine o’ search shows 817 matches for the exact phrase "you lying fuck". I’m not mentioning it here for any reason. Oh no sirree!

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  5. That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh buddy.

    Feels good to be back on the internets.

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  6. Customary, biannual "Cheeba! You’re still alive!" post.

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