Terror-Daktil 4D

Browsing through some old Spectrum magazine adverts and I happened upon this little beauty for a game I’d never played before called Terror-Daktil 4D.


Now, as someone with an interest in science I was particularly intrigued by the four-dimensional element to the game so decided to fire up the emulator and have a play with this Melbourne House-published title.


The loading screen and a reasonable facsimile of the advert which – you’ll notice – features a heroine and not a hero! Admittedly, it’s a heroine almost bursting out of her khaki top, screaming in fear, and firing near-blindly at what could arguably be described as the scientific find of the millenium but baby steps, baby steps…


The game starts with a plane ride on Lost-Jungle Airlines (not affiliated with Drowned-Civilisations Cruise Inc.) and a captain who lets us know we can smoke. Ah, the days when you could smoke on board a plane! The 1830s I think.


There’s then a bit of trouble with the aircraft and cigarettes are requested to be put out. If your plane does fall out of the sky and crash into the side of a mountain, wings shearing off and fuselage folding up like a concertina as rocks and trees rip it apart then you really don’t want to compound the issue by dropping your fag and burning a hole in your trousers.


The plane apparently crashes and the next thing we are treated to is a Space Invader invasion over a landscape incorporating a volcano, a river, and signs of advanced agriculture or generous allotment allocations on a vast plain. Something in the foreground lobs things towards the Space Invaders and it’s possible to move left and right. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.


The eponymous villain of the piece then turns up; the Terror-Daktil flaps a bit and flies towards you and nothing you do makes a difference.


Demonstrating its ancestry with birds it then flies straight into the window/monitor and smashes it.

At this point I felt the game had barely delivered on 1D let alone four of the things and gave up.

Author: Mark

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