Super Bowl Sunday

I'm one of those people. I'm a non-American who loves American Football. And today is the big day of the year for us fans of the sport closest to chess in padded armour there is (excluding actual chess in padded armour (which isn't half as exciting as it sounds)): it's Super Bowl Sunday!

I took the time to introduce my wife to the sport when we first started dating and I'm pleased to say that she's a massive fan of the game now too. Subsequently, we've entered into a little tradition in our home where the pair of us book the Monday following the game off and spend the entire day subjecting our bodies to the best and worst that America can offer from the food and drink aisles of the local supermarket. Note: there are some non-American drinks in there too; we're not completely crazy.

As for tonight's game, after some careful thought we have decided we dislike both teams and really don't mind who loses. But if we were pressed to support a team we might ever-so-slightly lean in the direction of Denver. As a Patriots fan I have no love for Peyton Manning but I do respect him and regard him as the greatest quarterback in the NFL. My wife is a Minnesota Vikings fan and so would quite like Seattle not to win so that they both remain in that select crowd of franchises who've never picked up the greatest prize in the sport. But so long as it's a good game we don't really mind who is ultimately victorious.

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  1. This may come as a surprise to you, but the outcome of the big game is known before the game starts; the way the league is structured, one team is overwhelmingly stronger than the other.

    The score becomes unpredictable and the game is worth watching only when injuries have taken out the top players in the strong team.

    So most people watch the Super Bowl for the ads.

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  2. Not sure I can agree with you there +luis fernandes. Certainly, for those of us who watch the game outside America there are no over-the-top, expensive, and hyped-up ads so it's the sport that keeps up glued to the screen. And I've been watching the game since the mid eighties and have seen enough upsets and close games to know you never can tell, injuries or not.

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  3. Good selection of US style nutrition-free snacks. I'll be heading up to Hull to do the Superbowl party with my son at his university house. Of 13 attendees I expect to be the oldest by about 30 years. Beer & 'chips' already loaded.

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  4. Where's the wings, meatballs, burgers, sandwich spread, dips, chili….?
    LOL Enjoy

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  5. +Mark Hooper.  Nice comments.  Since you are a Patriots fan be careful about saying Payton Manning is the greatest Quarterback in the NFL……Tom Brady is pretty special also but it is true that Payton had the Best Year!  Also +luis fernandes fernandes I have to disagree so much about your comments.  This year, having the #1 Offense vs. the #1 Defense is a "Perfect" match-up where  the competitive level should make this one very exciting game!

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  6. You kn ow the saying about the NFL:
    22 people who really need a rest watched by 50,000 who really need some exercise.

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  7. That looks pretty awesome! Enjoy the game, +Mark Hooper.

    And I can't believe your wife is a Vikings fan.
    Go Seahawks!!

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  8. +Philipp Weimer We're using the sugar in the snacks as energy to keep us awake, then the alcohol to help get us to sleep. And it's more healthy than it looks: the Skittles are fruit-flavoured.

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  9. +Mark Hooper I'll be watching from my bed on my laptop (lol all alone) here in Tel Aviv. how do you watch it, btw? well its probably on TV in the UK. I ended up paying the 300 something dollars for NFL Gamepass. really worth it, plus i get to watch the comercials! (lol never thought id say that)

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  10. +Mark Hooper nice. well hope you enjoy the game, and even though im a ravens fan, ill wish your pats good luck next year 😉 

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  11. +Ben Messer My sister-in-law moved to just outside Washington D.C. a few years back and wanted advice about who to follow. I recommended the Ravens and she's been a fan since so I've got a soft spot for them too when they're not playing my lot.

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