Strong Island Art Exhibition

There’s an art exhibition taking place right now at The Round Tower in Old Portsmouth. Which is in the all-new and improved Portsmouth. This art exhibition has been organised by Strong Island and this goes quite some way to explaining just why I’ve chosen the title for this post that you can read above.

In case you feel like broadening your artistic horizons and, at the same time, helping support local endeavours whilst simultaneously sheltering from the sun/rain (delete as applicable) then until May 1st (not including Mondays because artists, just like Bob Geldof, simply don’t like them) you should try to find the time to pop down to the Round Tower and check out the Strong Island art exhibition. I’ve been and if it’s good enough for me then it’s good enough for you. Because I’m better than you.

I’ve taken some pictures!

Things! In orange.

Photographic evidence of cyborg rats sent back through time to kill a pigeon named Sarah Cooner (do you see what I did there?) is pretty rare but there’s a cracking example of the temporal arrival on show at the Round Tower right now.


If you’re one of my key demographic groups – people who like scantily-dressed twins and musical notation and are allowed to access the internet because they’ve shown they can be trusted not to hurt themselves – then here’s just one of a number of pieces you might enjoy at the exhibition.

Southsea Babes Rock!

What’s that you say? Art exhibitions in towers are okay but what you really like is discovering random torpedoes? Have I got news for you!

Things! In orange.

And they’ve got tea too! And it’s nice! They also had ale but the swines had sold out before I got there. I can only assume it was nice too. I’m not bitter. Much.

Things! In orange.

The Strong Island Art Exhbition runs Tuesday to Sunday until the first of May at the Round Tower. That’s for anybody who’s forgotten already.

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