Street Portrait

My first ever street portrait (submitted for #PortraitTuesday curated by Laura Balc, whose name won't appear in my dropdown so I can't link to it, grumble, grumble) and I'm not even sure it counts since the subject did the asking; I've still not got over that hurdle yet.

+Daniel Burrows and I had only just got over the trauma of being chased away from House of Fraser by a security guard (see: but be aware that I may be making more of a deal of this than it really was) when a group of – perhaps – mildly inebriated eastern European people wandered past. Survival training kicked in and we avoided all eye contact until they had passed but to our surprise the lattermost man turned around and gestured for us to take his picture. We duly did. Subsequently, I've very almost sort of nearly broken my street portraiture virginity. And on Valentine's Day too! Yay me!

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Author: Mark

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