Street Hug

A couple meeting and hugging in Chichester precinct. The angle and the slight lack of sharpness that I really like can mean only one thing: I shot this from the hip as I didn't want to spoil the moment. Actually, I shot a few dozen from the hip yesterday just to see what came out. The result? A load of rubbish came out. I think I'll go back to actually aiming and composing in future.

Submitted for #StreetSaturday and since the "curating" of this theme seems nonexistent, as +Yen Nguyen points out here:, I'll simply tag the new +Street Saturday group instead.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Very nice photo! I like the angle and slight unsharpness too. Can't explain why, I just do.
    I've also been out on the streets this week, shooting from the hip. Yes, a LOT of rubbish, but also actually one or two good shots, so I'll keep on practicing…

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  2. If you have a camera with a flip up lcd it does make these type of shots a little easier, with practice. Or you can be at 90 degrees to the subject. But nothing quite beats looking through a viewfinder in terms of best composition

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  3. Thanks for the mention +Mark Hooper I'm a great follower of #streetphotography on G+ and I'm glad I found your work. Hopefully, the page gets more attention and the theme itself won't die out 🙁 along with its previous curator

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  4. Getting the moment is what counts most. Nice job!
    BTW, you should tag the photo itself with +Street Saturday so it will show up on their Photos page in 'Photos of Street Saturday.'

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