Street Corner, Beijing, 2008

Another shot that I never processed or uploaded anywhere, taken in Beijing, November 2008 on the old Canon EOS 350D. I do wonder why I never bothered to do anything with this before since I look at it now and think: yes, that's my sort of shot; it's got people doing peopley things and there's plenty of interest (well, to me at least) everywhere; crossed arms man, handbag-holding man, mobile phone guys, seated girls, Nike shoes, Adidas tops and sweatbands…

I've only completed looking through one day of the honeymoon photos so far; can't wait to see what else I overlooked.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Young Chinese people have been heavily influenced by Western cultural incursions. In Shanghai, I saw groups of teens (no more than 13 to 18 years old) doing their best imitation of how they perceive American youth hanging out. The future in China is going to be quite bewildering to those trying to maintain control.

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