Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed

Much like this man in the middle of being kidnapped by the little girl photographed here I also like to wear t-shirts that describe me for people who need a little help in making their minds up upon first meeting; this is why I often sport slogans such as "Grumpy Geezer", "Unfriendly Sort, Ain't He?", and "Stealing Your Wallet While You're Reading This".

For #MonochromeMonday curated by +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen, +Bill Wood, and +Jerry Johnson.

Also for #ManlyMondays curated by +Alan Shapiro, +Kjetil Greger Pedersen, +Mark Rodriguez, +Barry Blanchard, and +Dave Daniels.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Fun and great streetshot +Mark Hooper 🙂
    made me curious for a shot of your shirts as well now btw 😛

    Thanks for sharing with #monochromemonday !

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  2. Get a t-shirt that says "click – I just took your soul"

    Works well for street photographers 🙂

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  3. I'm gonna go hang out in.Chichester today in the hope you may shoot me .. going to walk around with my fingers stuck in my nose to draw your attention 😉
    Fab pics as usual!

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  4. Was worth the trip to Chichester for the Burger Kitchen alone .. fantastic food as usual – yummy!

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  5. Oh, its great .. and very good value IMO .. proper burgers. Smokey Bacon burger with cheese is my usual less than £7 .. kids meal with drink and ice cream is just under £5 .. and there's a screen and keyboard at most tables for messing about on internet or games. Small place tho so can get busy. Upstairs next to millets.. service today was top notch, but sometimes in the past not so much but really not bad as such. Definitely one of our favorite places to eat. 🙂

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