Staying Sane

People say I'm mad because I'll take the time to print up some leaflets and posters, and produce a fake radio advertisement all promoting Mexican Day in Chichester – "Wear a sombrero! Don a poncho! Busk mariachi-style! Drink tequila and tell people you don't need no stinking badges!" – but it's all worth it(*) when just one sucker falls for the charade.

For #StreetPics curated by +Arnold Goodway +Pablo Luis Gonzalez +Monika Pia +urszula masilela +Dragos Ioneanu 

(*) Technically I'm £430 out of pocket.

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Author: Mark

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  1. are you serious?  But I love gullible people.  It tells me that not everyone is jaded….

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  2. If this is true it is hilarious. I would say it was worth every penny. Very nice shot.

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  3. So this goes some way to explain why in your profile you say "….and I am certainly not that rich" :))

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