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Times are hard if you're a large chain of coffee shops still facing a bit of public backlash over tax avoidance. Do you just wait it all out, relying on the media to find something new to get their teeth into and the laziness and short memory of the average consumer? Or do you try something to entice the customers back from Costa? Do you, perhaps, provide free front row seats to the latest sport sweeping the nation: Giant Street Skittles? Do you hope that the lure of big names from boules crossing over into the high stakes street sport world will bring in the coffee-lovers in sufficient numbers to offset compensating families for the inevitable skittles-related fatalities?

No, you wait it out, of course.

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  1. beautiful shot +Mark Hooper and yes some can afford to wait while the small independent tax paying coffee shops board up their Giant Street Skittle front row seats and pop into the local food bank. 
    But that's probably just my imagination running riot again…………….

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  2. So has Starbucks done something wrong? How many large publicly traded companies do the same thing? Its easy to pick on Starbucks because they are so visible, around here it seems like there's one on every other corner.

    Independent coffee shops fail not because of Starbucks but because they are incompetently run by people that have no business sense. I live in Portland, OR and there are a number of successful independent coffee shops that compete against Starbucks.

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  3. +Gary Scott In the UK they hit the news a few months back mainly because it transpired they'd  paid practically no tax; the media stirred the angry masses up into a frothy latte of fury which rapidly cooled as everyone's attention waned.

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