Star Trek Continues Triple

I’ve talked about Star Trek Continues before when they released their first episode online. Since then I’ve even helped (in a very, very small way) to fund the production of further episodes and that has indirectly led to – surprise! – more episodes being produced. They’re now up to three and since three is the magic number when I occasionally share these “triple” video links it seems fitting to share the episodes so far.

Episode 1, Pilgrim of Eternity, is a continuation of the Who Mourns For Adonais? story in the original series.

Episode 2, Lolani, features everyone’s favourite green-skinned type of slave girl, an Orion slave girl. A story that explores slavery, non-interference, and love and which has an emotional kick in the guts at the end just for good measure.

Episode 3, Fairest Of Them All, takes place in the mirror universe directly following the original series episode Mirror, Mirror and follows Spock leading a revolt against Kirk on board the ISS Enterprise.

Not only are all three episodes great entertainment they’re also fabulously produced, directed, lit, costumed (is that a verb?), and acted. May there be many, many more.

Author: Mark

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