Someone Famous

"Are you waiting for someone famous?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes, glancing down at the camera slung around my neck.

"Only you," I replied with a smile, quickly swinging the body up and firing off a shot before he even had a chance to flinch.

And then he attacked!

A lesser street photographer would have been knocked senseless by the savagery and swiftness of the strikes sent in his or her direction but I had prepared for this moment well; my training in the hidden deserts of the Americas and the mountains that hinder the approach to sunken R'lyeh kicked in. I warded off his initial assault, not wishing to do him any harm and hoping that he would see reason and slink away, but it was to no avail; that twinkle in his eyes was now just madness.

I could give you the details of every move I made as I reluctantly turned defence into attack but such a narrative would be only of interest to the masters of Street Fu. Let us merely say that inside half of a minute my assailant was no more; nothing was left except a few scuff marks on the flagstones and a smear against the wall that were you to press your nose against and sniff deeply you might discern some trace of the tangy iron that permeates our veins.

For #StreetSaturday and #SuspiciouslyUnlikelyStorySaturday and #StopMakingUpThemesSaturday .

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Author: Mark

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  1. If ever we end up on a photowalk together, I'm sticking with you…I think you'd be the official protection detail!

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  2. Well done, +Mark Hooper! Great story … I think I'll add one to the #suspiciouslyunlikelystorysaturday (which auto-completes now because you added it!!)

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