Smart Lunch

There's an art in picking out lunch. It's got to be tasty, not too filling that the afternoon becomes a struggle, not too little that time until home seems to slow just to spite your grumbling stomach.

There's luck in finding a place away from the crowds to eat. Somewhere that you won't attract the birds, somewhere that you won't get bumped by the bustlers, and fate is smiling on you.

And there's being smart. You make yourself a small target, you hunch over a little bit, you position yourself so you're not easy to reach, and you realise that you can't be looking everywhere at once so you get out your smartphone and keep an eye on it while you eat. And relax. Because now you're safe.

He's trying to look innocent as he sidles up behind you but the Sarnie Thief is being monitored and he's in for a 200 decibel shock if he dares to make a move. Protect your egg and cress lunch with the No! That's My Sandwich! app available on Windows Phone and Android.


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Author: Mark

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  1. Always amusing stories 🙂 and the photos always captivating as well.

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