Slugs In Comics

Author: Mark

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  1. The slugs in the pit under the Daredevil look like stinkies. The sewage system must be overflowing.

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  2. "The slug who should have listened to Marjorie" is fucking genius. I demand you create this comic strip right now.

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  3. Oh, I love a bunch of slugs and a box of salt. Now, that’s what I call fun!

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  4. Penny: So yours have antennae. Oh. Kay. Good to know.

    Les: No.

    MadMadMargo: I’ll just bet you pulled the wings off flies and the legs off spiders when you were young too. Just what I need around here: another psychopath.

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  5. Only when I eat at that rather unsavory Indian place in Shirlington. Last time, they gave me peanut curry, instead of the advertised chickpea curry, sending me to the ER. What antennae in the picture?? I just see little brown bodies under Daredevil’s feet–no little stubs poking out of their little heads. Is my monitor going?

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