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Site Update News for March 2008.

Because I know you’re interested in this sort of thing.

No, really, you are.

NoFollow and Comments
NoFollow has been implemented across most of the site to try to reverse this site being unfairly punished by everyone’s favourite behemoth of a search engine for simply linking to an affiliate scheme in one freaking place. This means that the latest finds and links to recent visitors are now used for their correct purpose – promoting them to other visitors – rather than adding to their own pagerank score. This in no way condones the ePenis ranking system of pages employed by the search engine that shall not be named in this paragraph. I just want my number back.

To somewhat offset that I’ve implemented a Top Commenters section in the sidebar which lists those people who have commented and left a website URL during the process in the past couple of months. These links are NoFollow-free as a means to reward other site-owners who leave comments. This doesn’t mean I’ll just accept any old comment though. It also doesn’t mean I won’t. I’m crazy like that. It does mean that there will be no pagerank-transferrable paid-for links to other sites which should appease those who rank pages. Hopefully.

EntrecardI’ve signed up with Entrecard to see if I like it. It’s a traffic-promotion system and no money changes hands to advertise or display links to other sites in the network. Site owners sign up and click on other people’s cards on their sites to earn credits, also earning when people click on theirs in return. These credits can be used to request advertisement (with no guarantee of acceptance) on another site in the network, the amount dependent on how active that site is with regards to clicking and being clicked (are you following this?).

My thoughts so far:

  • it’s good in principle but it needs work. The rating for clicking and being clicked is evenly split between the two but to be truly fair it needs to be weighted far more towards received clicks than those made by the site owner as it artificially inflates the perceived value of sites run by people who simply move from one site to another in the network clicking and closing.
  • it would be nice to be able to tell whether a site was a monetising site before visiting it. So I wouldn’t have to. Seriously, how many ways can people try to make a "earn kajillions from adverts on your site!" site? Are people still that gullible? Probably.
  • I’ve found some good sites and added them to my newsreader. Hoorah! I’ve also found some utter shite. It is quite funny seeing pasted-in images showing "3585 subscribers in Feedburner" on sites created less than a month ago with counters indicating I’m the 9th visitor today and the only one online.
  • Entrecard’s demographic appears to be 40% American mothers of multiple children, 40% people from the Phillipines with PCs, 15% money-making waste-of-space sites, and 5% miscellaneous others. It’s a hard target audience to promote the site to.
  • Entrecard has worked to bring some quality traffic to this site; RSS subscriptions are up and there have been some comments left from newcomers who happen to be on the network. There’s also been a lot of junk traffic in the form of click-and-closers. Fair enough; I’m guilty of doing the same when I browse sites in the network that turn out to not interest me so I can’t complain. Entrecard delivers quantity with a sprinkling of quality thrown in. In that respect it’s not different – and may even be better in some cases – than search engine traffic.

At the top of the page there’s now a link to the site stats showing what’s popular on the site over the last week and what people are typing in to find this site through Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

Author: Mark

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