Site Update: August 2008

Changelog for August 2008 is as follows:

With the recent arrival of two – count ’em! – internet awards it made sense to remove their presence from the About page and create a new one for them; their very own display cabinet, if you will.

Awards, as and when (and if) they arrive will now be housed on the Awards page.

Google Adsense
Removed from site. I never promoted it that much so it never really delivered very much. Subsequently, its removal helps to tidy the site somewhat and will improve load times. For the record: the support person at Google who dealt with my query about terminating Adsense was very polite, very helpful, and provided very quick service.

New Links
Electromuff and Not What It Used To Be have been added into the Humour Headlines RSS syndication and a couple of sites that hadn’t been updated in a few months were removed. Chronicles: A History Of Rush is in the friends list too because my favourite angry Chicagoan is back on the internet with his new site featuring his new band.

The ever-changing commenting system has undergone some more tweaking. The addition of auto-moderating unapproved commenters was working but it meant that a lot of first-time or one-off commenters or those who comment normally but – for some reason – cannot store cookies properly were going into moderation needlessly. So … the new code now checks if the person is approved and, if not, then checks to see if there are any links or images. Links or images put the comment into moderation. If there are no links then the comment is approved. If the commenter supplies a link to their own site then the URL is checked for spam words and the link is also checked to make sure it is a domain link rather than a web page link. So now, even if a person isn’t auto-approved their comment will still publish automatically so long as the only link they provide is that linking from their name to a top level domain (and only a few TLDs are accepted) without suspicious keywords in it.

So far, this seems to be working well.

Author: Mark

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