Sex And Inappropriate Movies

By Alexandre SaesJust recently there was a thread on FriendFeed (I won’t link to it because everyone knows that FriendFeed is dead and all the people on it therefore must be ghosts who couldn’t possibly benefit from such an action) that asked people to describe their sex lives in the form of movie titles; it probably came from somewhere else as these things roam the internet and crop up hither and thither when boredom takes a stand.

I tried to think of a few titles that could apply – not to me, because I’m indescribable – and realised quite quickly that I didn’t want to share any of them on a social network where anyone could simply see them as all the ones I was coming up with were a little inappropriate. I’d hate for people to think I’m a weirdo. Far better to post them here where they’re guaranteed a little privacy.

Describe Your Sex Life Inappropriately With A Movie Title

Rear Window

The Crying Game

12 Angry Men

The Sting

Strangers On A Train

The Thing

The Big Sleep

Finding Nemo

Big Trouble In Little China

The Searchers

Little Big Man

Big Fish

Manos: The Hands Of Fate

Lawnmower Man

In The Name Of The Father

High School Musical


Gone With The Wind

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Fiddler On The Roof

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