Self Portrait

A rare event – one to mark in your calendars – as photographic evidence surfaces that I'm not an AI designed to mimic a camera-shy photographer but am, in fact, an actual camera-shy photographer!

It's not conclusive evidence, of course. I could be an AI designed to mimic a camera-shy photographer that's just evolved the ability to photoshop unrecognisable but still convincing evidence that it's not an AI at all.

For #SelfPortraitSaturday curated by +Marcin Pękalski.

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Author: Mark

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  1. +Natosha Davis Well, you know how you sound completely different in your head when compared to a recording of your voice? I'm like that in photos.

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  2. I know what you mean…..I look different in photos then how I think I actually look AND I know I sound different recorded than how I think I sound!

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  3. Camera-shy? I can relate to that. I'd rather take photos of others than having mine taken (unless I'm wearing a mask haha). I sometimes even feel uncomfortable staring at myself in the mirror. :/
    I'm slowly coming out of my really huge shell though. Sort of.

    Haven't met a photographer in real life yet who is camera-shy.

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