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Hey! Here’s something that makes the site look cared for and attended to! A quick look back at search traffic!

Now, I could have done this the easy way by highlighting some of the search terms used to find this site but there are only so many appalling spelling mistakes at which you can marvel. Instead, I thought I’d take a look at the more popular items that people have ended up reading in the last seven days as a result of searches.

People want to know about the penis, apparently. About whether it’s ridged on the inside (that probably depends on what you’ve been inserting down the urethra I imagine); about the members of gorillas (zoophiliacs are an important demographic group on this website); how to make it bigger with underwear (I can’t think of a way that doesn’t involve a lot of stretching of skin and the potential for then leading to internal ridging (which might explain the first term)); diagrams of the penis entering the vagina (probably a gay person getting a little straight-curious if I had to hazard a guess).

Ah, look! It's something I did from back when I used to put some effort into this site. Memories! Recognise!

Ah, look! It’s something I did from back when I used to put some effort into this site. Memories! Recognise!

In actual news this week we learnt that Tim Westwood was leaving Radio 1 and 1Xtra after almost three hundred years as the voice of young street culture. This, naturally, led a number of people to check out the legacy of the DJ and discover his invaluable guide to pointing on this site. Hopefully, those distraught at his departure from the radio station can take some solace there.

Someone who’s always a steady source of search traffic is Professor Brian Cox and recently a lot of people have ended up seeing the celebrity physicist’s antics when we got drunk in Borneo together. What those people were really after, though, were quotes from Brian, whether or not he wears a wig and/or is gay, details about his wife Gia (herself a regular source of traffic especially relating to her Serbian heritage), and his relationship with alcohol. Then there was also a flurry of search activity that sent people to Brian’s TV appearances but those were mostly from people looking to see whether Jane Cox had ever appeared in Rainbow.

Finally, there’s been a darts championship this week and everyone’s (especially Phil Taylor’s) favourite darts player, Phil Taylor, won again. Well done Phil. I say that grudingly but it’s from the heart, grudgingly, so that surely counts? Anyway, people found the darts page. Especially German people for some reason. They’re a weird bunch.

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