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Here, have some science videos on the house. No, really, they’re absolutely free and contain lots of lovely science to help fill up the science hole in your brain. What’s that? There’s no such thing as a science hole in the brain? Can you prove that? With science?! I thought not.

Insect Adventure, Part One

As you can probably guess there is more than one part to this insect adventure hosted by Emily Graslie but I’ll just link to this one for now. A great look at setting insect traps in a prairie to see how healthy the environment is. Do you know how to create a trap that attracts insects, ensures they sink to the bottom of the trap, and isn’t harmful to any mammals that stumble on the area? You will.

Also: please view this video from Emily on the sexism still prevalent in the science presenting world.

Gummi Bears demonstrate Osmosis and Crystallization

A self-explanatory title for a very simple scientific experiment that you can try fairly easily at home, demonstrating some very cool scientific processes.

Jim Al-Khalili and the Quantum Robin

Yes, it does sound like a science fiction adventure story but this short video from (honorary president of Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub, cough, plug, cough, I’m an organiser of it, cough, boast, plug, cough) Jim Al-Khalili simply describes an unexpected method of navigation used by European robins that’s of interest to biologists and physicists.

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