Saints Chargers Tickets

Hooray! And Yay! And Woo! And Whoop-de-diddly-doo!

Tickets for the New Orleans Saints versus the San Diego Chargers playing at Wembley – Club Wembley tickets no less! – plus tickets for the pre-game Tailgate party held at the terrifyingly awesome-sounding Palace Of Industry arrived today.

At stupid o’clock in the morning.

When I was downstairs.

But the door was locked.

And the keys were upstairs.

Because I’d just got up to inject the cat.

And I’ve got a long hall.

And steep twisting stairs.

And a long upstairs hall.

And I run like a buffalo.

And I dread to think what a buffalo-like running me sporting only a dressing gown thundering down the hallway, up the stairs, down the other hallway, grabbing the keys, thundering back down the hallway, down the stairs, and down the original hallway would have looked like to an outsider or sounded like to our neighbours.

Saints Chargers

But who cares! I’ve recovered from my mild heart attack following all that exertion and I’ve got NFL tickets for the Saints and Chargers!


I’m really going to start pushing for more Whoop-de-diddly-doo in general conversation.

Author: Mark

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  1. Hot dingle. I’m failing to share your enthusiasm, my good fellow. American football? AMERICAN football?

    Everybody knows Dickie Davies invented football and would never approve of this bastardisation of his Godly game.

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  2. Dickie Davies approved of men with ridiculous names (Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks) in ridiculous outfits jumping on one another, running at one another, and throwing one another about; I think, therefore, he would like a little Gridiron action.

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  3. Hold on one minute…you had just gotten up to, and I quote, ‘inject the cat’?

    What kind of depraved household are you running, sir?

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  4. Whippity whoppity woo!


    My cousin and some of his comrades are going to this, I was asked but declined.

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  5. Oh and hahahahahahahahhahahahahahah @ sporting only a dressing gown

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  6. You should’ve gone Claire; would’ve been fun. You still owe me a streaking from the one you refused to do on your America trip.

    And what’s wrong with the dressing gown?

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  7. It would of been fun indeed, but I have a severe lack of funds.

    Who said I didn’t streak?
    I didn’t streak.
    So the answer is me!

    Confused? Me too.

    Nothing is wrong with the dressing gown, if your a woman.

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