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Author: Mark

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Haven’t been by in a long time and just wanted to drop in and see if you were still around. Good to see you’re still chugging along and not being a quitter…like some people I know personally. 🙂

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    Cheeba! You’re still alive!

    Your hands type "not being a quitter" but your heart says "haven’t matured". You are right on both counts. Still, it is good to be reminded of the heady days of the e/n realm. I’d ask how you are but I’m afraid you’d tell me; I imagine I can safely assume that everything that can go wrong is still going wrong.

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  3. Haha! E/N was tons of fun and I’m not even sure if the genre still exists anymore but regardless, I am kinda disgusted by what the internet has turned into with facebook, youtube, and other idiocies so I don’t spend much time online anymore. That reminds me, I haven’t logged on to in a while. Damn you adorable cats!

    Oh and I’m totally loving the princess bride quote. Best movie ever.

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  4. That sage certainly knew its onions.

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