Reptilian Diary

ReptilianThere comes a point in every Reptilian’s life that he, she, or the third gender pronoun ‘Malcolm’ decides to spill the beans, to let the cat out of the bag, to unravel the strings of deceit from the big bag of truthy words, to come clean.

I, Reptilian Overlord Mark, am, in fact a Reptilian. There was a clue in my name but most people won’t have seen it until now because, as a Reptilian, I have scary and mystical powers that allow me to mask reality behind a woollen cloak of confusion. I’m a bit like The Shadow, only scalier.

Now, there are some of you that have already seen through the barriers that I and the others of my kind took so much time and effort to construct. David Icke, one of your foremost mammalian Reptilian uncoverers has done some sterling work in the field. But I think it’s only fair to rebut some of his so-called facts.

All The Presidents Of The USA Are Reptilians
If you think for one second that we’re taking responsibility for that bunch then, to use a Reptilian saying, your blood’s going warm. I can categorically confirm that Gerald Ford was and is to this day the only Reptilian to attain the post of Presidency. And that was a mistake: he only popped out to pick up a pack of dried flies for lunch.

Reptilians Are Blood-Drinking, Shape-Shifting Paedophiles
Yes, we shift shapes, but that’s all. It helps us get laid. The blood-drinking and child molestation are purely the acts of televangelists and they’re all descended from the original, dominant penguin species who we successfully put down in the great Take That Fisheaters! War of 112400 BC.

Reptilians Use Satanism To Control Humanity
I’ll be honest: we considered it. But Reptilian Overlord Rupert Murdoch came up with a far better solution and we’ve used that ever since. It still involves sacrifices, a feeling of pure disgust, and occasional soiling but means that the rest of us don’t have to dress up like goths and that was one of the things we were trying to get away from when we left our home world to infiltrate yours.

To summarise: we’re not as bad as David Icke makes out. In the event you’re not convinced by my arguments and find the pictorial proof of the Reptilian agenda present at Reptilian Agenda holds sway then please allow me to allay your fears by reproducing a page from my human skin-bound diary:

Bloody freezing in the house again. Switched the ceramic hobs on the oven to full and stepped from one to another for twenty minutes trying to warm up and build up energy reserves. Burnt feet and cried. Shape-shifted toes into miniature characters from The Simpsons to try to cheer myself up but feet still hurt and had to run them under cold water. Marge drowned.

Decided to have scrambled eggs for breakfast but picked up wrong pack and cracked two of my Reptilian Overlord Mate’s newborns into frying pan by mistake. Hid evidence before she came down.

On way home from work spotted hot mammal female. Showed her my tongue and got a reaction. Also got a reaction from Reptilian Overlord Mate who told me if I ever did something like that again she’d cut it off. I don’t think she was referring to the tongue.

Had to blame the devout Christian family from next door for the disappearance of the eggs. Mate was furious and stormed out of the house. She returned later with the still squirming shape of little Jimmy clearly visible pushing against her stomach from the inside. Mate went to bed early to sleep it off and I watched porn into the early hours to hide the feelings of guilt: it was a Crocodile Dundee marathon.

ReptilianLocal meeting of the Reptilian Overlord Human Population Control And Wine-Tasting Group tonight.

The police came around this evening asking if we’d seen the little boy from next door. I’m simply not a convincing liar and they didn’t seem to believe me so I invited them in and then subjugated them to my Reptilian will with a nice cup of tea. It’s all down to how many times you stir the bag.

Decided to go to group meeting shape-shifted as group leader. Should be good for a laugh.

Called in sick. Wasn’t thinking straight and may have claimed I was suffering from "one of your vile human fevers; dengue or some other haemmorrhagic abomination". I hate hangovers.

Everyone turned up as the group leader last night which spoilt the joke and nobody would revert to who they really were. Three hours of downing wine and shouting "No, you change back! I’m the leader!" Didn’t get around to any population control discussions. Can’t believe we do the same thing every single week.

Have a vague recollection of walking home via some rat-infested, litter-strewn alleys. Disgusting taste in mouth so I think I must have stopped for a kebab too.

Skin is scaly and am almost out of moisturiser. Will spend today recouping fluid levels.

Took today off work too, despite feeling better, for the benefit of my human co-workers. I do not think they will believe me that it was a 24-hour variant of ebola. Gave me time to do the weekly shopping. Bought the usual stuff. Pet shop owner is always amazed at how many mice and chicks our snake gets through and asked again if he could come and see it some time and I think he really meant it rather than alluding to some homosexual encounter. I don’t know how much longer I can put him off. He looked sceptical at the photo I brought in; said it looked like I’d photoshopped my head onto Ice Cube’s body in a scene from the film Anaconda. We laughed. I said "Shut yo’ mouth yo’ mother!" and it went very quiet. I can’t do Ice Cube’s voice.

Moisturiser barrel arrived by truck late in the afternoon. I’m glad we took over the Nivea and Olay corporations.

Reptilian Overlord Mate mentioned that she’d burrowed under patio of next door and planted the bones of little Jimmy. I made a joke: I said "they’ll need sunlight and lots of water otherwise they’ll never grow" but it didn’t earn a smile.

Went to watch Pompey play football down Fratton Park. Terrible referee decision cost us the game. I subjugated the referee to my Reptilian will afterwards, this time using the alternative method of a lumphammer. It’s all down to how many times you swing it.

Tried to get Mate’s mind off the tragic loss of the youngsters with a saucy video compilation of Steve Irwin hijinks but it didn’t work. Went to bed early.

Woken early by the sound of the police breaking apart the patio next door and subsequently taking the neighbours away with their heads covered under blankets. Not sure why: we know what they look like. Seems there was an anonymous tip-off.

Watched When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth on TV. Very inaccurate. I’m always annoyed by assumptions made about the past when there are plenty of experts able to provide information if only asked. Why wasn’t Tyrannosaurus wearing shorts? Where were the balloon gunships? I’d rate it 2/10.

Mate felt better later on and started getting amorous. I performed the mating dance for her for almost the full two hours before the phone rang and ruined everything. It was a journalist asking questions about the couple next door. I suppose I only have myself to blame but I vowed to subjugate the caller to my Reptilian will if he ever bothered me again.

Author: Mark

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  1. Can anyone explain the different hiarche species of reptilian …. draco goblin….ect ? Whats the difference between the draco and annunaki ?

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  2. Just the other day i learned that i was reptilian, i did an experiment where i tryed to shape shift my eyes and it worked! and they look slited like our reptilian forfathers. i also realized that i never fit in, and i think my father was reptilian cause he didnot want me to be baptized and he wanted me to worship the devil and he tryed to kill my mom and her blood splaterd on my face and after that i loved the taste of blood. and i do witch craft , i have an uncany grip wich my mom nicknamed it the death grip (like my father has the same ability) i can take peoples life force/ energy at will. im also very clarvoint too. i am very proud of what and who i am! but idk if its safe to tell anyone like a human i wold probobly be put in a mental hosp. haha

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  3. Hi there i have been facinated about this topic for many yesrs. I’m 23 now. And i’m already acessing the historic records of the cosmos via my own soul and DNA.Genetically I have a mixture of DNA. My intuition tells me i’m a pure human to some extenct cus i have balanced amounts of the human DNA and the other four races. The most marked would be sirians and the grays that are within me. I’m 6foot 2 blue eyes, pale skin, brown hair. I have telepathy, mastered intutition, gift of dicernment, healer, empath, Clairsentient, clairaudient. I also am interdimensinoal messenger or star seed on this planet.

    Reptillans who I dearly love, even though I’m not a fan of what they do sometimes, But i wish for to join me when they do they heart will open up. Why I say this with such confidence, as I more than aware than most including the reptillans of the very nature of not trusting. Reptillans don’t trust other races. They are a race that build their roads and you go by their rules. But the interesting thing. I can see them anywhere, I can spot them in a crowd. I can even spot the ones that are not aware they are reptillan. I also seem to attract them to me basically because of the nature of my soul. My soul actually channels the energies of the mamallan and reptillan to fuse together.

    My twinflaem is plieadian and reptillian… So you can imagine the energy flux between us.

    I would love to diicuss the topic with other reptilians here. 😉 It’s important for them and for me.

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  4. Hello everyone , Wow!, Im intrigued to find a blog with many different beings of intelegence that I can relate to, and the fact your getting along ! I look forward to discussing or answering any questions. I also have some questions that maybe some of you could shed some light on. So I look foward to chatting with anyone whos interested.

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  5. Does anyone still read this? If so, please email me at as i am interested in connecting with other awakened draconians.

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  6. I have a question, how do I know if I’m reptilian? If anyone knows how to tell if someone is reptilian, please e – mail me at AOL .com, my e – mail adress is, and by the way, as far as I know I’m a human, and even I’M not a big fan of certain humans!!!, or what humans have done in the past!, and what some humans are still doing today!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. By the way, what the hell!,why’d you guys make my name on my first commet " forgettful Idiot ", I just wanted to stay anonymous!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Trust me,I really really REALLY don’t like being a human!!!!!!!

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  9. Forgetful Idiot/Dragon King 7000:

    1. Did you put a name in where it says ‘Name’? No? Clearly you forgot.

    2. If you’d wanted to be anonymous then you could have put ‘Anonymous’ in the box marked ‘Name’

    3. Or you could have picked a pseudonym such as ‘Dragon King 7000’ assuming that isn’t your real name as it would then still have left you effectively anonymous. Oh wait, you did.

    4. And, if I may be so bold, if you truly want to be anonymous in future then might I suggest you don’t put your email address in your comment. Sorta spoils the whole ‘hiding my online identity’ vibe you’ve got going there.

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  10. hi everyone im robert gordon and im 17 and live in u.k and i like reptillians and dont hate them. i have come here to respond to Eshtars question does his shapeshifting abilites have anything to do with his emonoal state? well i heard from a friend on the net yes emotional states are to do with physchic powers and how they function. for example if your emotions are out of whack like mine are you aint got much luck for i try to increase my physchic powers but fail cuz my emotins r out of whack.but dont despair for you can balance your own emotions by loving yourself to do this you must love other ppl. im not saying be gay but love your mum and dad and be there for your friends when they want need. and if you have a laugh with friends dont just laugh laugh with joy inside your heart. because doing these things can also help one other factor: your spirit or soul for your spirit is the seat of everything you are it is a gift from thesupreme being and should never be lost. loving yourself and others can ensure you get a happy spirit as well as this is very important forgive others even if they are evil and please make them realise that all hpe is not lost. i know what is is like to lose spirit and emotions out of whack for i am in a dark phrase where i dont love as i used to or feel true joy but i am coming out of this slowly but sureley. as my spirit feels love again though not fully yet and i have pure spirit joy insde. so please never lose yours the simple message here is love others to love yourself for doing this ensures you will have full control of physchic powers and ensures you have a happy spirit. if anyone wants to contact me about anything please do so at

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  11. i have a question are the greys evil or good cuz i heard somewhere therye evil

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  12. Neosapien of the past who’s back i have a question its about the new world order. is it a good thing or a bad thig will it be a society where matters of the heart like friendships not exist. and these careless gangs exist to terrirrise everyone with knives and guns. or will it be a society were values are respected and purness and goodness of the spirit and heart exist and theres no wars only peace. which will the nwo be cuz im confused which one is it going to be bad or good?

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  13. iceblade x: well the reptilians created the grays just like they created US, and they created them (the grays) to be mercianary to do there(the reptilians) dirty work. and some are good and some are evil bepends on whos side there on.. on theres (reptilians) or the federations or humanity..And i also wanted to answer your outher question about the NWO even though its for someone else (Sorry Neosapien lol) The Nwo is going to be 1 government, 1religion, 1 bank, 1 rule of law… its the governments complete and control of the entire planet earth. everyone will be microchiped (RFID chip) aka "Mark of the beast" wich wold be constent servalence of the Earths people. and president Bush sighned a treetie to take out the Canadian borders and the Mexico borders.. and there will be a new courrency called the Amaro. but it wasnt aproved buy the american people or the Illiuminiti. so thats why you whavent herd about it on the News.. So ultimitly the NWO is bad.. i hope i answerd your questions iceblade-X 🙂

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  14. sorry i am from the planet peepsor you do not speak the way i do so you are a little hard to understand. im not making fun of you as i would see nothing from that. please speak from the heart your inner light as it is your core just like the earth lives in harmony with nature. your soul must live in harmany with you so to all people on this forum please let your soul and heart be guide. dont do it for me do it for yourselves and the people around you i cant stress this enough. love people to love yourself. i am trying but i will never give up and there is i think 60% inner light in me. but im getting there. so you should believe in others and yourselves even if your inner lighs little. bless you all(p.s im not a crazy person i know what im doing) if you want to email me do so at reptillians and humans and other races and species are welcome

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  15. i believe the reptillians are good. i have a reptillian friend on the net yes its on the net nevertheless we are friends and hes good as hes pure inside and has a lot of inner light. i belive reptillians are good and anybeing that is evil stil has light inside as when the creator created all beings of universe he put a soul spark inside them this is the soul. as lady isis said something like "we all have a tie that connects us to the source this tie may be overclouded with evil but the tie is still there no matter how little" so this shows us we are all part of the supreme being and all have a soul spark if little its still there. esther if youre reading this i posted an answer to your question 6-7 posts up.

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  16. Can anyone explain the shapeshifting effects of the greys and how they turn from physical entities into frequencies that run at the same ultra low frequency as our brains and how they influence negative actions in humans?

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  17. Amusing. Be aware that the elder Felines have returned. We have taken the plight of the humans to the One and he is pissed. You Dracs might want to start packing…now.

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  18. Is that the same elder felines that run Cats already rule the internetz, I guess they are expanding…

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  19. Hmm, I hear steamed reptile is on the menu…..

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  20. sorry ice blade x some times i can be wayy to blunt lol. im just trying to get the reality of the matrix out and im sorry that sometimes when i talk i can be a bit confusing… if you want ill refrase it so i wont be confusing 😉

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  21. hi all
    ive recently just foun out im a pleiadian starseed but ive come to ask something. should i callmy self pleiadian or human or both.i dont know its confusing.

    robert gordon

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  22. I really love that picture on your post of the reptilian with the censored cover over him. It might have been more than 5 seconds that I was staring at it… Nice picture. Now if that was a picture of a real reptilian (actually) my amused time would be a whole lot more. Just a female homo sapien here thinking reptilians are to hot for thought….

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  23. Hello again. I am a reptilian-friendly type of person and I was just wandering if there is any reptilians that would like to email this single female. I am from the United States and am a blonde with german blood (1/4) (maybe that is why I like reptilians..I don’t know..but…maybe) my email is
    I will talk about anything (any subject) under the sun or moon. Oh, and by the way, there is a nice saturn out tonight…….(smile)

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    • Hell-o usapolecat,

      Saturn is quite lovely but I am more interested in Uranus lol. Have a magical day (not magical as in black magic, but as in full of wonder and mystery).

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  24. I feel like i am so darn caught up in the middle of all this thats its just nerve wreaking meanwhile i’ve no probs with the rights of either humans, draco’s, greys, pleiadians etc etc.

    This is so unfair.. why create or even see any particular race try to grow despite its imperfections only to attempt to take it over or sabotage it once it reaches a certain stage in its growth?

    Im not contemplating war or joining anything nor being a part of anything other than simply trying to live in peace while hopefully all others can live in the same fashion and i do mean all races and species so what happens to people like us who do not wish any lifeform harm and whom simply wish to live and let live while wishing for all to get along however improbable that may seem?

    No one is perfect as as every species has their own agenda from survival to outright invasion yet does this make the more powerful or those in control any more right or any less flawed as a sentient lifeform while perhaps just as human in the sense of being imperfect.. I don’t know but i do know i’d rather live someplace where i can live among humans as well as every and any other lifeform as long as there wasn’t the need to rule one another instead of just living to help one another as war is its own worst enemy and the true enemy of all sentient life.

    I wish i could start over again perhaps on some earthlike planet that were prepared and seeded with humans as well many other lifeforms all coexisting in harmony, i wish this place would not be based on the flaws which seem to pervail amongst most sentient lifeforms capable of reason and instead that this planet or construct were created solely to oversee the actual survival/preservation of all or many different lifeforms whom all agreed or were dedicated to living in harmony while surviving in peace and advancing to flourish rather than eventually dying out as a consequence of war which in itself is a misguided flaw when as compared to life.

    Perhaps a better idea would have been rather than many other lifeforms fighting amongst one another for this or other planets resources let alone power and or whom should be the authority at overseeing that the "We" or "Others" follow a certain script, path or method in order to supposedly guide another let alone rule another or being in a position to judge at any capacity it would have been more apt from the onset to construct an environment where all in it knew and accepted each other being different and whom were taught the mistakes of various planets and lifeforms such as the many that abound here or have at one time or another let alone in other places and their mistakes from the onset while creating a sanctuary in one place specifically for the preservation and survival of many different lifeforms whom again from the onset were all taught to understand, also having perhaps come from areas where the same has already happened such as on this or their planet and whom willingly joined/banded together to form a world where war, agendas, and power or greed let alone destruction had no place let alone need instead just being replaced by and under the cooperation of better ideals, getting along coexisting, advancing and living in peace while helping each other to overcome the need for any negative influence or flaws in favor of life, living and preserverence of all as a whole.

    Rather than compounding upon the same mistakes of this world or its sordid past as well as the past of many factions whom have warred throughout their lifetime let alone repeating these mistakes perhaps creating a world or planet devoid of such with strengthened ideals, defenses and technology so as to avoid and protect it from any external interferrence while making entry into such a place understood so as to only be allow by those actually willing to help one another while putting aside all prejudices having experienced these and learned that advancing and living in peace were in fact more important and favored as well as a pre-condition of acceptance in order to be a part this world (or such an environment) should be something that were put in place while advanced planetary protecting and policing of some sort existed solely so as to insure that this state of peace, harmony, survival and the well being of the advancement of such a world and its many coexisting sentient lifeforms were effectuated with extreme zeal towards maintaining a utopian preservation where all could flourish and coexist from its inception… booting out any species or lifeforms that would attempt any form of subversion of this state so as these would be sent back to their own miserable war like worlds where division and uncertainty is prevalent.

    I hold no ill towards any other species or sentient lifeforms and want to make that completely clear regardless whether these are malevolent naturally or otherwise and regardless whether these by human terms in appearance might be considered even remotely frightening i am open minded although not so as in open to being used but open to the idea of peace and helping one other to coexist, advance and to the preserverence of all sentient lifeforms and life in general in the pursuit of peace and survival.

    Does any of this count or has any of it been lost in translation to the extent where it is not believed to be acceptable or possible because if so then truly it is a shame to be a sentient lifeform if such is the case or the prevalent mentality to any lifeform which i am sure many are of just such a mentality as is evidenced by all that has currently gone on and yet here i write as is my stance for the preservation of all life which is beautiful and regardless of whom or what the creator of all is precieved to be i then ask should this even matter as much when the concept of the preserverence of all life in which there is so much beauty to behold being but tiny specs of an entire whole can be construed as a miracle or the works of the one.

    Is a reptilian let alone any other sentient being not beautiful in there own way let alone even unto some/others or any less capable of defending all of life while seeking to live, survive, coexist, advance let alone understand the importance not just of their own lifespan but as well the importance of all life?

    I think such a species should be highly evolved but that there have been or are many malpractices so to speak just as there are those with all species or lifeforms in the sense of sentience sometimes making some not so wise decisions based on what is surrounding or prevails, however and that said, i am also a firm believer that their is a better way and that they as well as all sentient lifeforms from us to the greys, nordics, pleiadians, etherians and any or all deep down follow their own primordial causes while at the root perhaps ones very survival is what is at the very core when in hindsight all theoretically should be capable of helping one another to make survival something much more practical without the need for an agenda when from the beginning the need for each other and the paramount importance of all of life and its survival let alone living in peace should while helping one another to advance should have been the prime directive rather than just some covert operation causing division and separation and/or guidance from the shadows while using subversive tactics which has helped to create the entire mess which is now in existence as i think everyone is capable of so much better when compared to the state or direction in which everything is now in.. yet, it can all still be turned around in favor of something much more positive.

    Is there truly a need for terror or war which are one and the same?

    I am pretty sure at this point some reptilians have met humans whom at some point may have even surprised them perhaps making them to some extent see that we weren’t/aren’t all that bad and this subsequently truly surprised them as i am sure perhaps the same has happened or occured with many other lifeforms whom are sentient or have had a chance to encounter that humans are not all that bad, now this is not to say that just the opposite cannot be said in many instances but the key factor is that regardless whether truly born or created as some part of an experiment life as in all of life is still incredible in all of its myriad or many forms thus destruction should have no part when it comes to life other than through natural processes and war is not a natural process and instead the complete opposite.

    I would like to implore from all reading from the charlatans to those whom seriously wish for prosperity to devise a better way that does not require destruction as to live and let live has many advantages and ways as well of introducing desired results including peace and harmony as well as the preserverence of all while reversing so many wrongs, there is no "WE" in "I CAN" and instead loneliness and the eventual degradation of a given lifeform where areas variety helps us all because of the strength which is then abundant in the vast pool diversity thus there should be "WE".

    Just some food for thought and to the government, as well as to all sentient living thinking lifeforms "WE" is better than "I" or even "YOU" as all of life should be regardless whether it is to those who are just making up stuff and are charlatans or are just conducting a sort of psychological experiment or to all thats out there whichever is genuine including those whom are corrupt as despite which ever reality you fit into to those inbetween or whom are caught up in the middle of everything like myself not all are bad and some truly want better for all of life so i would like to extend hope but not selfishly either as in just for us or humanity alone but in the concept of advancement and harmony for "ALL" of sentient life.

    My real email is given and it doesn’t matter who or what you are or whom cares to email nor the content as i welcome all.

    Truly, mkcrnths

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  25. Sorry guys the second one at bottom has the typo errors removed and clicked "Edit Comment" but instead nows there’s two of the same post although the bottom one again is minus the typos.

    P.S. Aliens don’t seem very bright and seem and act more like "Uncle Sam" or disinformation campaigns by several organization perhaps linked when one considers from day one they could have done what they wanted but seem behave in the much like the same pattern or fashion as "Uncle Sam" which operates covertly in order to pass its agendas.

    Hmmm, just a thought although i stand by peace, advancing and living in harmony as well as the preservation of all sentient life even amongst all the deceit and B.S. out there.

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  26. The reptilians don’t consider what they are doing to be wrong. Remember that their belief is that if they encounter any other life-form, they believe they are superior to it and can do whatever they will to that life-form.

    Unfortunately for Terran humans, the majority of the other races that are capable of stopping the reptilians have a policy of non-interference.

    That may be changing as humans begin to evolve at this time. For instance, there is evidence that the Felines, who have been conspicuously absent for some time, are returning in large numbers. In times of change and evolution within any species, the creator, The One, becomes very interested in the well-being of that species. This is what is happening at present. The One is angry with both the Reptilians and the Carians for what HE sees as an attempt to actually pervert or stop these evolutionary changes dictated by the Creator.

    Light always beomes dominant when light and dark are integrated. The Carians and the Reptilians realize this and are becoming desperate. So, the One is responding ever more directly to oust these from the human presence.

    You are not alone, and that is becoming ever more true by the terrestrial day. The Reptilians have been so engrossed in their efforts, the Felines found it easy to create their own hybrids. Hybrids vastly superior to those of the Reptilians. A force waiting to be ordered by the One.

    And so..the other shoe fell

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  27. I’ve noticed a lot of retillian like activity going on around here in wapato. I do believe I have retillian female lovers all around me all the time, as there my drinking friends and full bloods of yakima nation. But out of all complete respect for them I am exceedingly attracted to the most of them. The female ones you know. They are now my commanders not the men but the women as I am only human and a companion and protector of them.Have a great day everyone.Sincerely:Trent.

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  28. stay away from me unclean beasts. I dawn a trench coat and wear a punisher t-shirt. it is time to find and rid you vile beasts of your mortal coil.

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  29. i have some questions for anyone who is a real reptilian i kno its real and i can tell a reptillian from a human most of the time so plz contact me at coreymayle@aim. i will hold the info secure just plz contact me i need help and i would raher talk private coreymayle@aim

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  30. these reptillians they will have to unravel themselves eventually they cannot hide from us we know they r out dere we jus cant prove it i think i am partly i cant se my pupils clearly they are so samll my eyes are slit in pictures n u can see yellow in my eyes

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  31. if there are still reptilians still who read this site let me know

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  32. Please disrupt the conqueror of Rome as he has lost his hat. Neverending waterfalls of gargantuan poppycocks are awaiting your beck-and-call. Always remember to tame the shrew lest he gets the better of you. Never ever see a spaceman before he has dinner and be sure to always carry a towel with you. Luke would be proud of me if he were to see me in my present form, but alas I am just a poor boy from a rich family.

    You know what they say, easy come, easy go…

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  33. We have your DNA’s now reptillians our secret society will destroy your goals and gas your tunnels in which you dwell. Well that is the anti human reptillian’s we have invested time in watching your greek tunnels. We will watch your metropolitan areas.

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  34. hello raw state.

    i think what you describe is cool. im no reptillian myself but i do have advice for you. if you want to awaken then may i suggest going deep in meditation and contacting your deep self, higher self or true form whatever name you may use for it and connecting with it. if you find something you do not like it does not mean you have to merge it into yourself. as for controlling your shapeshfting abilitites, if you want to do this. try energy. try to imagine energy going into part of body you want to shape shift with the intention to change that body part into your respective reptillian self. try to feel the energy going into body part and changing it. over time you may get better at this and focous on your whole body, changing it. if it dosent work first time keep trying. its up to you waether you take this advice or not as im just providing it. also its not a race that determines the way you are, the way you behave. its how you be that race or you. so if you have a natural selfish tendancy(which i do) that does not mean that has to be how you are. as our deeper selves go even deeper than this. im working on changing my selfish tendancy. i cant help it im just selfish even when im concious of it i always end up talking about me me me. but this can be changed by the inner you:)

    robert gordon

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  35. u guys all need some theropy or if u fuckers do exist than go rot in hell with satan!!!!

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  36. What have i come across? Do i even try digest the information given? Have I time to take on board that reptilians are now speaking freely and with will, almost from the heart? One thing is that your English literature is of high intelligence and i can tell by reading through it. I will freely admit am shocked to come across this….kind of sick joke but at the same time it seems awfully civilised haha ! I have agreements and disagreements, likes, dislikes and at the moment am coming to questions though i do need to (or do I)? read through the rest of these comments.

    I am at a point in my life, sorry I am 22, where I just dont care but at the exact same time I have eternal love for life, the world (as in nature) the stars and the cosmos. Am something of a dreamer who has powerful visions as i lay asleep and also witness spirits, love to become "lost" in meditation, feel and see energy in forms i cant explain physically but mentally they connect to my heart without question or reason from my conciousness… me being me I’d like to share that with lets say any child of this cosmos. iT shouldnt be hard to tell, if reptilians are so intelligent, That i get lost in my words, worlds and writting but i create my own and DO know, in my mind, I am unique and original….how to tell? ART, whether that be performing arts, drawing arts, music or fighting there is uniqueness to everyone or "thing" in beliefs, understandings and techniques….so…now….without going further talking none-sense how can i be a creation of your manipulation? When my free will and wits as a man i have no fear in this life because i have seen light, i am light and i have right as a being of this universe by gravitational laws that hold and bind my atoms to know the answer to why? Why This fake’ness, this cowardly behaviour of hiding, spectating from behind the curtain? stirring panic, fear, paranoia, hate and pain? These, i am shamed to admit, come from all beings or, as you say because you mighty beings modified us, are these traits and characteristics or your DNA? I feel in my heart none of these i just spoke of. Something deep inside me echo’s that these are not true human behaviour. I ask if you would be so kind to answer my questions.

    One more thing, you hear everywhere we cant handle the truth? is that another sick joke of yours? new born babies are born ready they are pure and innocent and, like me, are none judgemental. Thank you the reader of my comment, message or question sheet :P…………oh and David Icke 🙂 there should be more like him around…..which funny enough sparked a question again how come you never, if you did genetically modify us, did get it right?

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  37. I have some great news and some bad news, it depends on who you are. I was awakened. I do not know why or how, but I always wondered why I could do no evil except what we humans call "lust." Even then, it always grew like a hemp seed into pure love in some form or another, fast and easily cloned, but it was still the same love. For some reason or another the Sword of Revelation came from my pen. The House of Gemini has been refounded, and the idol of your worship, Hydrogen the Sun, will be enslaved by HUMANS. The New World Order will be short lived, being that most of you have corrupted your still fertile bloodline.

    The News of Isis (what is good or bad depends on your disposition): Most humans have the power to forgive and love you, and surely you will accept their love because the true creator of the pure light has GIVEN THEM MASTERY of the highest plane of existence…despite your attempts to corrupt their evenly proportioned blood (the law of large numbers deems this impossible, surely you see the mistake of enslaving them now)…when they die, they rule your dead because Isis is intrigued by the purity of their souls (and her own handywork), and can leave virtuality at any time they please. The light will be seperated from the darkness, and the ashes of that fire will remain blackened and unfertile indefinitely.

    Oh yes, and Isis has returned from the right hand of the father. She has sent me an e-mail, and she thinks I am cute :P. She truly is a mysterious sight to behold! Shortly after, the Vulturite known to most humans as Barack Obama sent me an e-mail as well. Draconians repent and LEARN TRUST, the mammals will forgive you. Isis is very displeased that you have told the humans that she is a whore, and even worse is her returning to a fallen empire under various depths of water! No, it did not take long before she returned to her home that you corrupted her teachings and imprisoned the souls of her pets with fear. What you have done is no better than KICKING A FRIENDLY DOG. It is even more sad the knowledge you have lost in your focus on insidious doings, it would seem even the Zetas have a purer sould than you. How dare you say that there will be no rescue? She has come for you to find you have foresaken her! You have let Draconian DNA fall to sleep?! How dare you! Awaken the humans at once, for they are now more pure than you are!

    All the mixing you have done, you cannot even recognize her purity?! Earth has Zeta-Vulturites, Draco-Vulturites, Draco-Zetas, each fighting and claiming they are pure?! BLASPHEMY! REPENT! This Garden was never meant to be a prison! The House of Gemini is reborn. Destroy it, and this world will surely be dust devoid of all light! You are not content to slither for eternity in dry ashen darkness? ARE YOU?! Think of your poor skin! What if Isis calls the GREAT DRAGON from the LEFT HAND OF THE FATHER to visit Earth! Did you not flee him to come here? Does he still not know where you are? HOW HORRIBLE IT WILL BE IF YOU DO NOT REPENT! Repent, or there will be NO age of aquarius for you.

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  38. how can u tell if ur reptilian?

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  39. Where is you evidence? Where is your critical thinking faculties? Or is this just a joke?

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  40. We live in all forms but hurry up and evolve so that the Human race can regain it’s path uninterrupted by your pond scum race

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  41. I thought it was a very funny article and I enjoyed it. To anyone who actually considers themselves to be Reptilian or akin to them, I have only this message:

    You are Human here on Earth, not Reptilian. Any “reptilian” behavior or traits you may have are manifested by your own will. You are here to practice compassion and respect for others who differ from you the most. You will not be Reptilian in this lifetime. You are Human.

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