Thanks to Colchester Camera Repair Service ( – autostarting video, grumble, grumble) I have got my Canon 5D Mark II back. For around £230 inclusive of VAT that got me a replacement shutter unit fitted as well as a full clean of sensor, mirror, etc. and delivery via UPS.

I would have got my camera back last week had the snow not caused chaos (I can't really complain about that, though, as it got me a day off work). I would have got my camera back early this week had UPS not forgotten to put it on their van when they went out for delivery (which kinda makes a mockery of the whole tracking service if the website says it's out for delivery but it later transpires it's still in the warehouse). And I would have got my camera back the next day had I been in when they tried to deliver but I wasn't and had to rearrange delivery to my work the day after that. Importantly: I've got the camera back now.

I decided to put the camera through its paces and popped along to the Bishop's Palace Gardens in Chichester so that I could play around with macro shots, wide shots, long exposures to test for sensor dust, and so on. I'm happy to report that all is well in the world once more.

There wasn't a lot of life in the gardens but you don't need a lot of life to take a nice photo.

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Author: Mark

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  1. +Subra Govinda Thanks. Not a lot of processing here; mainly just a curves adjustment to edge it towards a high key shot.

    +urszula masilela I'm heading to a pub in an hour's time so I'll be sure to take a few photos and see if any are worthy of your group.

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  2. Was the 5D2 a new camera or an used one?

    The shutters on pro cameras are rated for very high cycles so I am surprised that it would fail on a new camera unless you're doing high-speed continuous shoots all day.

    If it was an used camera, then the previous owner must have been a crazy shooter.

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  3. Very nice shot +Mark Hooper – Glad you survived the frustration of the repair and return delivery, and are back out in the world, chronicling its events!

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  4. Good you have your camera back +Mark Hooper I had to replace the shutter at my Nikon one year ago … good luck it was one week before the warranty ended …

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  5. Thanks everyone.

    +luis fernandes It was a new camera and the shutter unit failed at around 10,000 actuations so well under it's expected life. Just one of those things; for every shutter unit that lasts 200,000+ there will be one – mine in this case – that dies early. Hopefully, this new unit will last substantially longer.

    +Erwin Vindl Mine was well outside the warranty, unfortunately, although I might have been able to argue the case with Canon in court (but I don't think anyone wanted that).

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