Rain? What Rain?

Another day and another Olympic Torch relay procession, this time through the precinct of Chichester near where I work. The weather – I know, I know, that thing we don't talk about any more – wasn't particularly nice but what's new? On the plus side the relay was accompanied by the sound of the bells of the cathedral ringing non-stop; that's not usually a plus side in anyone's book but yesterday I'd had to stand next to the Salvation Army brass band and, well, let's just say that I was this close to embarking on a killing spree. Look how I'm picking out the positives!

And speaking of picking out the positives (just call me the King of the Segue, okay?) I spotted this girl in the crowd just after the relay had completed its course and her light-coloured top and lack of umbrella in the midst of all those with the eye-gouging devices guaranteed a capture for posterity.

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Author: Mark

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