Rabbit Suit

"Why are you wearing a rabbit suit?"

"Why are you wearing a little human suit?"

"After what you call centuries of experimentation it has been determined that this form best fits our purpose of pre-invasion intelligence gathering on 'M' class – that's M for Meat, by the way, and nothing to do with your entertaining distraction media called Star Trek – worlds. Close proximity to a large cross section of the dominant species is necessary to take imprints of the thought processes that pulse through the brain analogue in use and thus present the most efficacious strategy for enslavement and consumption. You may rest assured, planetary representative in a rabbit suit, that when the end comes it will be swift and relatively painless thanks to the work of operatives such as myself currently deep undercover across the surface of this oblate spheroid. We're also in cats."

"I think I'm going to give you this lolly from my basket and back away slowly from you and your… mum?"

"Type 19 Model 3 Protector Unit. Heat ray, shielded against EMPs, and waterproofed to ten atmospheres."

"Here you go then little chap."

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Author: Mark

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