Puns For Dads #1: The Flan

FlanAre you a new dad who wants a headstart on embarrassing your offspring with puns at inappropriate moments?

Or are you a dad who just needs a refresher course in eliciting groans of despair at family gatherings?

Then sit back and enjoy part 1 of this unmissable internet guide to Puns For Dads.

Today we’ll be looking at the humble flan; occasionally wheeled out at family meals, this bastion of food provides a large number of puns guaranteed to make your children die a little inside.

Scenario: On first seeing the flan

  • Well, flancy that!
  • Blimey! That’s flantastic!
  • That looks so delicious I could dance the flandango.
  • Someone sound a flanfare!

FlanclubScenario: Praising the flan-maker

  • This is so good it deserves flanmail
  • Did you flan to make it this tasty?
  • You must be the man with the flan!
  • The filling’s sweeter than a Flan Galactic Gargle Blaster.
  • This can’t be real. It’s more like a flantasy.
  • Flankyou very much for this.

Scenario: Referencing movies to increase cringing

  • It’s certainly no Flantom Menace!
  • It goes down easier than Flan 9 From Outer Space!
  • Did you find this in the Fland That Time Forgot?
  • Was this produced by Flancis Ford Coppola by any chance?

Author: Mark

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  1. The flan that rocks the cradle
    Flan by me
    Flan of brothers

    okay I’m just posting films 🙂

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  2. A flanboyant gesture.

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