Public Displays Of Affection

It's interesting to see the different ways in which people show affection or react to public displays of affection while on the street.

Here we have a couple who are madly in lust with one another and who couldn't care less who sees them. And why should they? Good for them!

And there to the right is James who feels a little differently about things. James looks absolutely mortified. But then, James is being followed closely by a small, black, wheeled robot proclaiming its love for James in a shrill, electronic voice. James has probably been tinkering with the robot's emotion circuits and is now paying the price. Oh James, you silly person!

#StreetPhotography   +StreetPhotography curated by +Maria Roco  and +Tatiana Parmeeva 

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Author: Mark

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  1. and the lady on the left looks like the wife of mr James 🙂 +Mark Hooper I knew it is going to be about the guy but still Mark surprised me like always

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