Project 365 – Week Forty Three

We reach week forty three of the Photo Every Day project and recognise the incredible artistry of the photographer, me. Look how the artist – me, again – frames this week’s worth of pictures within curves of gold taking the viewer on a journey from death to life; we start with a handle, rusting, representing something closing perhaps, but also, maybe, opening? And then we pass through scenes of life, good and bad, ice cream and rain, smiles, stern attitude, and there’s cider in there. What’s the cider there for? Does it refresh? Does it add sparkle? The apple reminds us of Adam and Eve so are we witnessing a genesis – if you will – of pictures? And when we reach the climax of this journey we find a banana. Which is also a fruit. So clever. We see in its shape that of the handle at the start but this banana isn’t dead; it’s alive with yellowness. It’s sealed but easily opened and we know that there awaits a heavenly daiquiri if we so choose.

This update brought to you by The Pretentious Corporation.

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Author: Mark

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