Project 365 and Shenandoah

Happy New Year!

Last year I engaged in one of those Project 365 thingies and managed to take at least one (and often many, many more than one) photo every single day…

…right up until Christmas Day when I forgot. And I hadn't even drunk that much either. Anyway, needless to say but I went to bed a little annoyed that I'd missed out on the goal by about a week but Boxing Day brought a bit of a revelation to my head in the form of realising that the purposes of the project had been to try to find myself in my photography and improve my photo-taking ability somewhat and, as such, it had been a success: 2011 was the year I embraced street photography quite roughly and hugged it and squeezed it and called it George. There was also a great sense of relief in knowing I didn't have to take a photo every day any longer and subsequently the last week has been far more relaxing; I've still lugged my SlingShot bag around everywhere and I've still taken photos most days but the pressure to get something – anything – has gone and it's been good.

And this leads us in no way whatsoever to some photos of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia because I still haven't finished going through all the pictures taken on our US trip in November yet and I like to add pretty things to posts. It was cold and windy when we visited through this tourist spot but we made sure to get out at each viewpoint, read the signs, take in the vista, and fire off some shots; this was in marked contrast to the majority of other tourists we encountered who drove up to the viewpoints, strained their necks to look around without leaving their vehicles or switching them off, and then drove off again. Drive-thru vacationing.

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  1. Congratulations on your 365 the finding your direction and improving your photography are far more valuable than worrying about a weeks worth of pictures. Normally when I am in Amsterdam for NYE I make a point of capturing the mayhem in pictures – this year I left my camera at home and just enjoyed hanging out with friends. It was indeed liberating.

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