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In recent weeks – because of his role as one of the scientists working at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider, because of his bitchslapping of the alleged President of the British Association of the "Advancement" of "Science", Sir David King on Newsnight, and because I interviewed the man several years ago before he was uber-famous – this site has seen a surge in search queries looking for information about Professor Brian Cox. Is he gay? Is he married? Is he married to a gay? And so on. Well, I know the answers to all those questions but I’m not going to address them here.

Before he was a professor, before he was even a mere doctor, and before he performed with D:Ream, Brian Cox was a child actor who appeared on TV and in print many times in the United Kingdom throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. If you’re of a certain age then you might just remember growing up with Brian but if you need reminding then I’ve collected some of his more well-known youth appearances for your delectation.

Young Brian Cox
Here Come The Double Deckers, 1970
Brian is front left

Brian was one of the original cast of cult children’s television programme Here Come The Double Deckers, playing the troublemaker Spotter. His role was quickly replaced by that of Sticks the American in order to pander to a wider audience. A little-known fact about Brian is that he developed a fixation with the London bus featured in the series and spent many years looking for it on the roads of Britain. These days, however, after receiving a box set of Jimbo and the Jet Set one Christmas, he confesses he is more likely to spend hours at airports wistfully gazing into the sky.

Brian Cox Tomorrow
The Tomorrow People, 1976
Brian is far right

Season four of terrifying children’s sci-fi series The Tomorrow People introduced Brian in the role of telepath Mike, a working-class telepath with a criminal background. Viewers were unconvinced by Brian’s Cockney-cum-Mancunian accent and flooded popular magazines of the day such as Look-in with complaints. After his contract was not renewed Brian vowed to never buy Look-in again. And he never did.

Brian Cox Rainbow
Rainbow, 1977
Brian is front right

In addition to appearing in several episodes during the 1976 and 1977 seasons of Rainbow Brian also featured alongside Rod and Jane on an album of songs either from or inspired by the series including tracks such as "Where’s Your Other Hand George?" and "Gettin’ Zippy Wit’ It". What isn’t widely known is that Brian also filled in for Bungle on one of the episodes when the actor in question at the time – Stanley Bates – was ill after swallowing fur from the costume’s inner lining.

Brian Cox
Saturday Superstore, 1983
Brian is holding the banana

Brian was the regular science presenter on Saturday Superstore between 1983 and 1985, the last times he would be on television regularly until after university. An unsuccessful attempt to have him removed early from the show was launched by Mary Whitehouse after she became convinced he was deliberately conducting experiments only on phallic objects. In later interviews the campaigner for decency admitted she’d been secretly besotted with Cox.

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  1. I have to admit that Brian Cox is not someone that I am familiar with. But, the article was quite interesting.

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  2. This is genius. But you forgot to mention that he played the role of "light" in the fabulous SF film "Sunshine". (Mostly the crew just wheeled him around on a dolly, in bent over position to catch the brilliance streaming from his backside.)

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  3. Look guys!! Brian is my cousin and half the shit you write is not true.
    we were both born in oldham and rochdale sons of regular people.
    Brian and Gia are reale people please do not insult us

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  4. Half!

    Karl: thanks for writing in. I’m sure that nearly everyone who visits this site will blindly accept that I know what I’m writing about when I’m writing about the man they still call ‘Doctor’: Professor Brian Cox, the effervescent, transatlantic, nerd bombshell: Gia Milinovich, and their newly-created, genetic ubergeek: George. You, on the other hand, a first-time visitor and commenter, are less likely to be believed. Now, if you’d only delved into your background a little more then there would probably have been more weight to your strange notion of Brian and Gia being ‘reale people’ and how both you and Brian were somehow born in two places at the same time, something which I’m sure I would have read about in my favourite publication Quantum Entanglement Babies Quarterly. For instance, next time you might explain that the Thomassons and the Coxes, though related, were – until recently – actually sworn blood-enemies, a result of Granny Cox and her gypsy-meddling ways (she wasn’t a gypsy herself but she did like to meddle with them). That’s the sort of snippet of information that goes a long way to convincing the average internet user that you’re a genuine, bona fide, honest-to-goodness sort of chap and not a raving nutter casting unsubstantiated sentences of fact across the websphere. Hope that helps, and give Brian and Gia my love.

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  5. Brian was born in 1968, so he’s two in the double-deckers photo. Is it his troublemaker’s mind that makes him look so old?

    Oh, and another thing: For God’s sake stop picking on Northeners!

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  6. Karl, have you ever met me in real life? No. Therefore how can you say for sure that I am reale? As anyone who knows me knows, I downloaded my brain in late 2007 and now exist entirely online. Since then, there is a UN committee who has been debating whether or not this makes me reale or even real. Sadly for me, it’s looking like they’re going to rule that I am, in fact, not reale and that the server on which I reside should be disconnected and destroyed. My only hope is that the Twitter campain #keepgiareale will gain some momentum and save me. At the moment there’s only a few tweets and they’re over a week old. I’ve been asking Stephen Fry to retweet, but he doesn’t think I’m real.

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  7. keep the dream alive xx

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  8. This text if full of bullshit. He born in 68 how he could look so older when he was 2 and 8?
    The guy is a genius and i learned to like phisics with him, i even love the D-reams!!

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  9. no, the dates do not tie up if he was born in 1968

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  10. Thats cos Brian is actually from Mars he does not have an age to how we know it. He was born on Mars came here in the 70s thats also why he is so amazingly beautiful sorry to blow the whistle as Im his Mars wife

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