Professor Brian Cox, Drunk in Borneo

Professor Brian Cox‘s latest programme for the BBC starts tonight. Wonders of Life follows the programme formula showcased in Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe taking Brian across the globe in a bid to explain the complexity, simplicity, and beauty of the evolutionary process and the way in which life came into being on the planet. It will be shown in HD so for those couple of people recently searching to see if Brian Cox wears a wig that will be your best chance to get close to the screen and make your own mind up (hint: would he really choose one that looks like that?)

I caught up with Brian during a break in filming in Borneo and talked to him about the wonders of life. As we were (and still are) both men it was necessary for us to get out the alcohol in order to discuss a matter this emotive.

Brian Cox, Vodka

Brian: Vodka means ‘little water’. Did you know that? Did you?! You need water for life. I think. So… vodka!

Me: Vodka!

Brian: Vodka! Wait! Water for life… water of life! Think about it chum!

Me: Isn’t that whiskey?

Brian: Oh, you’re only fucking right! You’re right you are! You know what? You are right! Let’s make some whiskey!

Me: Whiskey! Do we have the ingredients for whiskey?

Brian: Whiskey has taken millions and millions and billions of years to form… What did you say?

Me: Are we making whiskey or what?

Brian: Vodka!

Me: What?

Brian: Vodka and tea and me! I can distill whiskey. Don’t look at me like that! I’m a theoretical physician… physical… scientist! Watch!

Brian Cox, Drunk Scientist

Me: Well, you are a bloody wonder.

Brian: I see what you did there ya cheeky monkey!

Me: Heh! Now I’ve seen everything. What sort of whiskey is it?

Brian: It’s quite peaty. I was eating soil earlier.

Me: Right. Why?

Brian: There’s life in soil.

Me: You’re weird. Has anyone ever told you you’re weird?

Brian: No. Nope. Yes. My wife. And you. That’s two!

Me: I’ll drink to that! Champagne!

Brian Cox, Happy Drunk

Brian: Down the hatch!

Me: Skol!

Brian: Do they still make Skol? I have not had Skol in years.

Me: Do you want some Skol? I think you can probably get some because you’re a famous physicist…

Brian: That’s the word I was looking for!

Me: … but Borneo may not be a great market for weak beer. Might have to helicopter some in.

Brian: I don’t want any Skol but I do like helicopters.

Me: What are we talking about?

Brian: Hey! There’s some WKD Blue behind the counter!

Brian Cox, WKD Blue

Me: Whoa! Man! Put that down! You and I and you are not ready for that!

Brian: I don’t know… it’s pretty and blue. Blue. We’re on a blue planet.

Me: I haven’t watched Blue Peter in years.

Brian: I wonder what Janet Ellis is up to these days.

Me: Ha ha! I see what you did there! Oh look! There’s an orang utan back there!

Brian: Let’s go ride him!

Me: Brian! Leave him alone! Brian! He’s not worth it! Oh! Ew! Oh, we are so going to need that helicopter now.

Author: Mark

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  1. Well I’ve just finished watching this new Wonders on the BBC Iplayer and I have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed with it. I might even be forced to admit that Professor Brian Cox’s days should be numbered for presenting TV science shows when he clearly isn’t an expert on the subject. Is there any reason why a biologist or possibly even a philosopher couldn’t have presented this other than women apparently love Brian Cox and the cult of celebrity wins over actual informative viewing? I did like the other shows he did but this one just didn’t hold my attention and I think ti shows that he’s out of his depth with the subject matter. I’ll still watch the rest of the series though because it might get better and his explanations might hold more persuasive power.

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  2. Ooh. I didn’t know that comments left on the article on my site would get moved across to Facebook automatically. Although I did know that the Facebook ones were pulled to my site. So, er, yeah, now I know.

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  3. Agreed. Cox isn’t right for a program about “life” and I don’t even think he’s right for astronomy either. I watched it on Sunday and felt myself falling asleep half way through.

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  4. Well he’s still lovely but I get what Leon said because I wasn’t that impressed with the new Wonders of Life either. I read somewhere today that David Attenborough thought Brian Cox would be a good replacement for him but after watching Africa tonight and comparing that with WOL I think I’m going to have to disagree. But I still wouldn’t mind seeing Brian on my TV doing physics or astronomy 🙂

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  5. Love these photoshops 😀

    Forget what these other people are saying. Professor Brian Cox should present every program on TV so there! ;p Loved the second episode and the explanation of the evolution of eyes but the best thing was how they decided to shoot it all in the southern states of america. That’s going to make some people very angry, hee hee. Can’t wait for the next one.

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  6. Erm the thought of rubbing around in the wet soil with Brian would be nice 🙂

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