Product Dimensions

“So, can we go through the file format for the products list now?”

“Absolutely. This is the one you’ll want us to send you every night, right?”

“Yes. A full refresh file too; not transactional.”

“Got it. We can sort out the timing nearer the completion date. I’m guessing it’s all pretty self-explanatory, yes?”

By Bartlomiej Stroinski“Yes, I think so. Let’s just quickly run down the fields… product ID first…”

“And from the size of that field that’s got to be the auto-generated ID rather than the supplier’s code, yes? Of course yes. The supplier’s code won’t be of any use to you. Carry on.”

“Yes. Short description next, then full description… unit barcode… quantity in sales unit, sales price in sales unit, VAT… then the shipping information comes up so first off is the product dimensions; height, length, width, depth… packing barcode, …”

“Wait a second! Can you go back a bit?”


“That bit about product dimensions; can you run through that again?”

“Yeah, no problem. Er… product dimensions… So these are all in millimetres and, in order, height, length, width, and depth. Then it’s the packing…”

“No, stop again. Height, length, width. And depth?”


“That’s four dimensions.”

“Height, length, width, and depth. Yes, four. Why?”

“Aren’t width and depth the same thing?”

“Er… no, I don’t think so. Some products will have a width but some others will have a depth.”

“Ri-i-i-ght. But… a product can’t have both though.”

“Yes, we want to allow for it.”

“You want to allow for the packing of four-dimensional products.”

“We don’t really want to have to revisit this design later. This will save us in the long run.”

“But you can’t have four-dimensional products.”

“We want to allow for it in the future though. We’re hoping this will really take off.”

“And that someone invents a method of shipping products in hypercubes?”


“Never mind. Why don’t we carry on for now and we can send through any concerns via email after the meeting? After we’ve all had a think through to see if anything’s missing. Or shouldn’t be there.”

“Okay. Where were we? Packing barcode?”

Based on an actual meeting with clients.

Author: Mark

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