Predictions For 2011

It’s 2011 pretty much all over the world so what could possibly be better than a list of predictions for the year at hand that can then be checked against come this December? Plenty of things. Most things actually. Almost everything. But that won’t stop me.


Predictions For 2011

I’ll actually get around to finishing the complete re-vamp of the code of this site and release a brand new stream-oriented design.

Connected with the previous entry: I’ll actually update more than I did in 2010. Yes, over seven times!

Apple changes the font spacing on its iPad packaging encouraging users to upgrade twice this year.

I will take more photographs than I’ve ever taken before but will fail in my determination to take one picture a day by January 3rd.

Celebrity deaths: Lionel Blair, Silvio Berlusconi, Michael Ball. Loose definition of celebrity used.

Major earthquake hits Greece/Turkey. Above 2 on the Richter scale counts. I’m on a winner here.

Prince Charles conducts an interview with Hello! magazine while drunk.

Indian satellite will collide with a Chinese satellite in orbit causing international outrage as takeaway orders are mixed up.

Female jockey will win the Grand National; her horse will finish placed.

Civil war will break out in Uruguay centred on Fray Bentos giving tabloid papers an unending series of pie and pudding puns to fill up the quiet summer months.

Smallpox is back and this time it’s smaller.

Ironic mouse problem shuts down Disneyland Paris on health and safety grounds. French protest.

The Syfy channel completes the betrayal of its roots with a further rebranding to PoundlandTV and the cancellation of any programme unable to be written and filmed on a mobile phone the day before airing.

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