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At the risk of treading on the toes of Strong Island which does a sterling job of talking about and promoting local endeavours in and around Portsmouth, and at the risk of talking about and promoting local endeavours in and around Portsmouth (something really quite alien to these particular interweb shores), and at the risk of linking the upcoming royal wedding with critical thinking and pubs I thought I’d just promote a local endeavour in and around Portsmouth whilst also linking the upcoming royal wedding with critical thinking and pubs in a manner that just may hook any oddball on the net who decides to combine those subjects in a search term.

Have you heard about Skeptics In The Pub? No? Oh, but you should! Even though they spell skeptics with a ‘k’. But you never talk about that. First rule of Skeptics Club and all that rot.


So, Skeptics In The Pub is the name given to a regular social event at various venues in various countries on various planets in various solar systems careering through various galaxies speeding away from other various galaxies and occasionally merging with other various galaxies whilst spreading out in various universes in various multiverses in various supermultiverses in the one all-encompassing great big suede wallet of supermultiverses carried around by God in his back pocket. The purpose of the pub meetings is to discuss or listen to topics on sceptical subjects such as:

  • religion, lol
  • homeopathy, pmsl
  • can Intelligent Design explain Ray Comfort?
  • how did we not know George Michael was gay?
  • is crystal energy the only genuine alternative to bowel surgery?
  • is there a conspiracy to spread negative press about use of probes in alien abductions?

The pub meetings take place in a pub. We’ve thought about having them take place in a cemetery in order to throw off the government agencies who monitor our activities for subversive plots against William and Kate (more on them soon) but we’re all scared of ghosts. So they take place in a pub. This means we’re able to drink which has two benefits: alcohol allows us to think more clearly (or, at least, think we’re thinking more clearly, which is half – if not three-fifths – of the battle), and alcohol also clouds brain emanations which means meetings can take place without the need for silly tinfoil hats. Let’s see the UK secret service – screw you MFI! – steal our thoughts now!

I know what you’re thinking (behold my Uri Geller levels of unearthly powers!); you’re thinking: gee mister, that sounds swell as a ripe peach! Can I come along?

I’m sorry but we don’t accept American midwest teenagers from 1956. We did it once and it was just horrible. So very horrible. You scrub and scrub at the blood but it just soaks deeper into the floorboards. Deeper and deeper, and darker and darker. So much blood. And those screams. I won’t ever forget those screams.

For people interested in sceptical thinking and listening to people such as Simon Singh or Dr Tom Williamson talk and who live in or around Portsmouth and who don’t mind the sexy, enticing aroma and sweet, sweet taste of alcohol and who aren’t temporal travellers from the age of Americana (although you’ve just missed Tom Williamson’s speech so that would actually be of significant benefit) we’d love to have you pop along.

If you’re genuinely interested or if you’re not certain if you’re genuinely interested why not check out these useful links of usefulness?

And if you’re not in Portsmouth shame on you! Shame! On! You! But you may find something similar in your area. Why not check out these local events? You’ll be glad you did. Unless you’re not easily pleased by clicking links. I was really directing that “you’ll be glad you did” statement at people who are and I’m very sorry if you were caught up in the moment.

And finally, another reason to come along to the meetings which also brings up the topic of the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Not Princess Kate Middleton. In addition to discussions, in addition to drinking, in addition to learning, in addition to mind-broadening, in addition to socialising, and in addition to thwarting the sinister aims of the government’s shadowy masters there’s also a regular quiz. Everyone likes a quiz. Everyone. And they gave out prizes this time around too. And we won for the best team name! We won… a genuinely unique Wills and Kate Royal Wedding Commemorative plate!

Royal Wedding Plate 2011

William, Kate, a rainbow, a flying unicorn, and an angel. And that is why you should join us next time around for Portsmouth Skeptics In The Pub.

Author: Mark

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  1. It was meant to be a fairy- angels don’t exist 😉

    Thanks for the awesome writeup, I shall be linking to it forthwith!

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    • Of course it’s a fairy! Damnit! I feel so stupid for not recognising its clear lack of avian wings indicative of the angelic apparition.

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      • You should be ashamed, it’s such an accurate portrayal, because I am a fabulous artist CONTRARY to the opinion of my year 9 art teacher.

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  2. A wonderful introduction to those uninitiated in the ways of questioning boozophiles meeting in car crash pubs…

    And okay – okay. My arse feels the impact of your big fat sceptical boot. I promise to post something soon!

    Look after the plate.

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