Portsmouth Free Art And Live Painting

Last weekend I ventured down to Southsea Skate Park to watch the free art giveaway and live painting. Short version: it was great. But you don’t want to know how good the event was and how good it was of the skate park to allow this and how well local artists Elmo and Lex did in organising the event at short notice and how good it was for stencil and graffiti artists to come from near and far to leave their marks on our nearby wonder of concrete construction for all to see. You want to see pictures and videos.

Deckchairs were painted and available for purchase.

Collaborative piece by three artists

Artist Farkfk working on his piece. That’s not a euphemism for masturbation by the way. Well, it’s not just a euphemism for masturbation. Interesting (subjectively) point: I have a piece by Farkfk hanging on my living room wall. That’s right! I’m hip and down with the arty kids or something!

Bam Boo
Bam Boo spraypainting a finger. By my reckoning he took approximately one hour per finger. Now that’s dedication! Or an inability to do fingers.

Slikster86 outside the skate park, working it old school. I think that’s the sort of phrase you’re supposed to use in these situations.

Sink Chain
Close-up of the chain stencilled by My Dog Sighs plus the ladder from which he hung and refused to fall from for comedic value.

Sink Hole
Close-up of the sink hole/drain stencilled by My Dog Sighs. Included at no extra charge is… the lower half of his body!

The finished sink. Great to watch it all come together during the day. Now Portsmouth’s skaters and cyclists can pretend they’ve been shrunk down and transported to a bathroom while they risk life and limb. It’s what’s been missing.

These pictures and more are all available on my Flickr stream and on the group stream.

Finally, a video. Not shot by me.

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