Portsmouth City Museum

Took a wander down to the museum today as there was something advertised as "a Saxon Invasion" taking place. It turns out that the reason that England isn't named after the Saxon people is that their invasions – a marquee and a smaller tent showcasing food, jewellery, and weapons – were often on the wrong end of a sturdy defence of kicking the crap out of the Saxons and telling them to get back to Saxonland (I'm not convinced that's where they came from to be honest).

Still, there was a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle exhibition which was interesting (author of Sherlock Holmes as you know, a bit of a spiritualist nutball as you may know, played in goal in Portsmouth as everyone around these parts knows) and I even discovered that there's a garden area in the museum, that you can go into it, and that the view of the museum from there is actually rather splendid (as photographed). Very pleasant how you can live in a city all your life, visit a place numerous times, and still be surprised.

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Author: Mark

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