Portsmouth, Alien Invasion 1915 – 1923

Even as World War One (or as it was known at the time: Euroskirmish: The Bombening) took place, distracting much of Europe and – eventually – America too the Earth was beset by yet more warfare threatening to engulf humanity. This time it wasn’t the dastardly Kaiser responsible but an alien species whose origin and name were never determined for certain but who became known to the history books as The Squirmy Munge.

The Squirmy Munge picked the prize naval port city of Portsmouth, England as their beachhead target for many obvious reasons, not least of which was the recent accolade of “Really Quite Charming City” in International City Revue, December 1914 edition.

Unfortunately for The Squirmy Munge they hadn’t counted on the indomitable fighting spirit of the inhabitants of Portsmouth. And so it was that for eight years a series of invasions, stunning defensive actions, and retaliations became normal behaviour for the south coast of Britain quite separate from what was occurring in the fields of France and Belgium. The people of Earth owe a great deal to Portsmouth for eventually teaching The Squirmy Munge that the cost of war on the planet was too high even for spacefaring species with advanced weaponry.


Above: a women’s football match takes place in Portsmouth while The Squirmy Munge undertake a daylight raid on the city in the distance.

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