Portrait of a Violinist

What exactly is a portrait? Is it when a busker with a violin spots you with your camera and freezes for a second to allow you to take a shot without a word passing between you? I'm going to assume it is, in which case here's a submission for #PortraitTuesday (+PortraitTuesday) curated by +Laura Balc.

The violinist was very talented indeed, playing along masterfully to a recorded backing track that gave the impressions of him being part of a large orchestra or amongst the musicians attending a masked ball in pre-revolutionary France. If there was one criticism of his work it would be that his repertoire seemed limited and he'd already looped around and started repeating some of his earlier pieces within about twenty minutes.

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Author: Mark

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  1. What was that about not really being a street photographer? I think your public would disagree! :))

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