Poppy Man

It was very noticeably colder today; for the first time since moving into it about a month ago I didn't have the window open in my office at work. The people out and about were wearing their coats done up tight and there weren't a great many of them. However, I did manage to catch an elderly couple examining the stone structure of Chichester Cross while I was huddled under it. As the gentleman – sporting a long coat and a poppy – gazed up I swung my camera into position and, just before I snapped the shot, he turned to look at me. Usually, in these circumstances, I pretend to take a shot of something else entirely but today the chill had obviously pervaded my cranial grooves and I brazenly took the portrait anyway.

For #MonochromeMonday curated by +Siddharth Pandit.

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Author: Mark

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  1. when that happens to me I try to smile and hopefully diffuse things that way. sometimes it works, sometimes i leave quickly.

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  2. great expression and hopefully you will get used to this more frequently. What is it they say about practice…

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  3. Yes, still a bit confused by it though. Still trying to work out twitter!

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  4. +Lizzy Ellis Okay, here's my suggestion to get you started: go to this post – https://plus.google.com/108924136210249299218/posts/aTH8mGSd1E8 – and click on that link inside the circle that says "Add circle", then type a name such as "Photoshop People" (I know you like Photoshop). You've now got a circle of Photoshoppers appearing in your main stream and conveniently linked in "Photoshop People" list on the left of your screen. +1 things you like (if you want), comment on things you love (if you want), and everything else will fall into place. The search box at the top is very useful for getting you started in finding people or posts that interest you (tattoos, falling asleep in the middle of the day, etc.)

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