Plugging A Sceptical Pleb

In this short post I am plugging a sceptical pleb who has just started a new blog entitled The Sceptical Pleb.

Or am I?

That’s a sceptical joke there and you’re welcome to it.

Now, by plugging I don’t mean in the Italian businessmen-sense of the word.

Or do I?

That’s the same sceptical joke there and it’s for comedic effect. Said effect requiring a microscope of some description.

And I don’t mean plugging as some form of sexual euphemism.

Or do I?

That’s that sceptical joke popped back up and it’s getting tedious so I’ll stop it now.

Or will I?


I’m plugging my friend Matthew’s new blog for three reasons and I’d like to express those reasons using the incredible power of bullet points:

  • sceptical blogs are an important tool in the fight against communism,
  • I’ve known Matthew since we were about five years old and friends don’t let friends start new blogs without plugging them,
  • I want to guilt him into continuing blogging by pointing out that plugs on this site usually retail for almost seventy of Her Majesty’s Imperial Pound Notes,
  • God told me to.

So if you like sceptics or plebs, or you’re a sceptic, or a pleb, or you have eyes, or don’t then please pop by The Sceptical Pleb and add it to your RSS reader of choice and stuff.

Author: Mark

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  1. I can’t promise seventy of Her Majesty’s Imperial Pound Notes but I can promise at least 70ml of Her Majesty’s finest ale the next time we meet.

    I might even round that up to a pint…

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