Pictures Of Passports Past

Images from mine and my wife’s past passports, featuring visa stamps and horrific passport photos of the two of us in our respective youths. Not as horrific as the photos in our current passports, though, so there is that.


The image on the front of the old British passport in black. I once passed through Athens security with this passport upside down, back to front, and closed, and was still waved through because of the respect it held throughout the world. Or because of the indifference of the security person. I’d like to think it was the former as there had only recently been a terrorist activity – a bombing, I think – in Greece when I was travelling.


As you can see, my passport was issued in Gwent. And that’s all you can see.


Behold my youthful narrowness and lopsided, spiky hair! Rest assured that with age has come width and more evenly-dispersed, less spiky hair. It would be fair to say that I am more difficult to push off balance these days.


My wife – she wasn’t back then – dressed in her arctic warfare uniform. At a guess. She was, apparently, very hungover when this passport photograph was taken.


An immigration stamp from my wife’s passport when she visited family in the United States.


A visa stamp from my wife’s passport, again for the United States.


My wife made a border crossing from the United States into the wilds of Canada and all she got was this lousy customs stamp.


From our first European-style passport and from our honeymoon where we jetted off to Asia for a cruise this is my Chinese visa stamp. Photos from that cruise can be found on my Flickr stream: Honeymoon – Far East Cruise.


Stamps from our honeymoon: Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.


More passport stamps from our honeymoon cruise on board the Diamond Princess: Vietnam and Japan.


Final immigration stamps from the honeymoon cruise and that particular passport: Taiwan and Thailand.


One of several almost identical stamps in the current passport because the only place we’ve been since renewing is the United States.

It’s a real shame you can’t carry passport stamps over from one passport to the next, losing that stampy history every ten years when you renew. However, the next set of stamps we should be getting will all be from South America as that’s the next area of the world we’re heading to. Not for a little while yet but looking forward to getting a few more pages of the passport filled in with ink.

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