Doesn't post for over a week and then he goes and posts a bloody close-up shot of some plant! I dunno! What's the world coming to?

I've had one of those weeks full of things and irritations and stuff and joys and other things too. You possibly (I might even go so far as to say absolutely definitely here) don't want to hear about my week but I'm going to talk about it anyway. It's good to vent.

1. Moved to a new, busy office at work and it would be fair to say I hate it beyond belief. I've already voiced my displeasure. I doubt anything will happen because I am but a lowly serf to the lords and masters who run things from their thrones. Anyway… seriously considering new employment opportunities.

2. Picked up my first ever speeding ticket for going twice the speed limit through the crowded streets outside a school at chucking out time… wait… wait a minute… I mean: for going 7 miles per hour over the speed limit just after it had reduced from 60 to 50 on an empty dual carriageway at 9 in the morning on a Sunday. My thoughts about Hampshire police must remain censored inside my headhole for the time being.

3. Some smartarses developed something called Events which means people have been adding me to things I couldn't care less about and my phone has been happily scheduling bloody reminder alerts for the aforementioned things I couldn't care less about which has been scaring the crap out of me when they've been going off at all times of the day.

4. My wife had a big birthday which necessitated some big presents and a big night out at a restaurant in Portsmouth. This was a lovely thing; wonderful food, very reasonable price, great evening. Of course it's made the rest of the week seem even worse by comparison.

So, yeah… I'm hoping to be more back to normal soon. But, for now, you'll just have to gaze at the close-up photo of the plant and wonder about the world and what it's all coming to.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Nice shot, Mark. I like the sharp bits and the blurry bits. I hope your things are better tomorrow.

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  2. Gotta irritate your coworkers in the new office until they petition to get you moved into a nice cosy broom cupboard 🙂  Love the flower 🙂

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