Parking Lot At Sunset

We needed to take a small detour from our weekly shopping in order to pick up some DIY bits and pieces at the B&Q store in Havant, just north of Portsmouth. Coming out some considerable time later (of course the sealant for the bathroom is in the painting section miles away from the bathroom section; why would we be silly enough to think otherwise?) I was struck by the setting sun silhouetting the trees at the end of the parking lot.

And I suppose I can use this for #SunsetSaturday as curated by +TJ Kelly now, so that's nice.

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Author: Mark

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  1. for one strange moment there I thought this was a US location I think its the entrance to the store. I guess that'll be down to globalisation then

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  2. +Jo Garrett We actually call the place where you park your cars a car park (makes sense) over here and yet, for some unknown reason, I referred to it as a parking lot. That globalisation is far worse than anyone realises.

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