Pain In The Neck

What are a photographer's three most important pieces of equipment? Ask two photographers and you'll get two different sets of answers but for me it's simple: a pair of trousers, a pea shooter, and the camera itself.

Today I used all three while out and about; the trousers stopped me getting arrested again, the pea shooter allowed me to shoot this passerby on the back of the neck, and the camera took the resulting picture of pain and confusion.

The fourth most important piece of equipment for me is a Segway which I used to skillfully evade my photographic victim's subsequent attempt to chase me down and attain some form of violent retribution.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I just had to laugh at that fabulous description. Awesome photo and I love the post-processing. 🙂

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  2. Aah, if there's nothing happening to report then take the initiative and make something happen! Agree with previous comments: a great post all around.

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  3. Always great cover story :)) love this urban scene. For me, not equipment tough, time is one of most important matters because there are always a lot of people in the street of Seoul except early morning or dawn 🙂

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