Outside the Café

A second submission for #MonochromeMonday /+Monochrome Monday curated by +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen, and +Bill Wood because it's still Monday (for just a little while longer here) and it's monochrome. Yeah, I understand how photo themes work.

This is just a couple who were outside a small café/deli place; he stood, she sat.

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Author: Mark

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  1. +Mark Hooper <lol> on your comment. Monochrome Monday is an order of magnitude bigger than the other themes I'm associated with so it's going to be a challenge to keep up with all of the contributions. Thank you for sharing with Monochrome Monday!

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  2. +Mark Hooper so my guess is that this is in the UK somewhere – Bubble and Squeak on the sign. :-))
    Even if it isn't, this certainly has the dreary UK weather look to it. Thank you for sharing with Monochrome Monday!

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  3. +Charles Lupica Thanks. Yes, it's in the UK. My weekday shooting tends to be in and around Chichester (down on the south coast) as it's where I work and where it's easy to get out and about at lunchtime.

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  4. Another fine image, very well done street scene. Thank you for sharing with MonochromeMonday.

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