One Man And His Carrot

I tend to eat my lunch at my desk while working and then pop out for a full hour's worth of walking and shooting at lunchtime afterwards but others will either simply take their lunch break at their desk (which seems crazy to me since you'll always get a phone call or some other pressure to do some actual work if you do that) or they'll head outside and get away from the office toil. This man, spotted yesterday, was clearly one of the lattermost of those groups; I imagine his work was fairly stressful as he took some considerable time to munch through the large, raw carrot that he'd unwrapped from his aluminium foil package, all the while staring across the road at nothing in particular as people and buses passed by.

For #StreetSaturday .

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Author: Mark

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  1. Stumbled upon your story, clear idea, would have thought of a close up or a triptychon getting out, sitting, back to work

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